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Hi, I’m Maisie

PP number: PP870


Name: Maisie


Species: Yellow Crowned Amazon


Cage supplied: No


Adoption fee: £150



Maisie personality she loves to dance and sing if she’s out the cage she likes coming up to you but she will not come on your hand she loves walking on the outside of the cage I don’t think she likes a lot of noise she just like sitting on her cage watching you

Safehouse Summary

Does the bird come with a cage 
Who is the birds main carer while in safe house
Does the bird show any preference to either male or female
Are there any children in the home and do they interact with the bird?
In your opinion would the bird be suitable to be placed in a home with children?
Are there any other pets in your home? If so please detail how your safe house bird reacts to these pets (ie is he/she frightened when a dog barks etc)
African Grey they don’t seem to bother each other
What is the birds sleep pattern. ie hours sleep and is the bird covered
She’s not covered at night but when it starts getting dusk outside you don’t hear nothing from her all night
How many hours a day is the bird currently out of it’s cage?
Out all day when I’m here
In your opinion would the bird be suited to a home where there is someone home all day, or would the bird be able to be left alone while the adopter works?
I think she will be alright on her own because when I’m out out and when I come back home she’s fine
Does the bird prefer to play on it’s cage or does it prefer a play stand
She pays on her cage
How independent is the bird. Does he/she play on their own, sit and watch the world go by, or do they require a lot of interaction from their human companion?
She will sit on her cage walk around the outside of their cage and she’s quite happy
How does the bird interact with other birds? Please detail including which other birds live with the safehouse bird.
I have a a African Grey when they are both out the cages II’s Page don’t bother each other haha
Feeding habits. What are the birds favourite foods? Do they eat chop, sprouted or pellets? Please detail. 
She loves Tidymix, apples, pears, grapes and vegetables
Does the bird step up? If so is this onto a hand or a perch. Please detail.
On a perch not on your hand yet
If the bird does not step up or is not handleable then what training tools do you use to interact with the bird and does the bird go in and out of it’s cage of it’s own accord? Please detail including any signs of aggressive tendencies. 
She has toys in her cage but she does not like a lot of toys
What other training have you done with the bird ie harness training 
No harness training but I’m sure when she trusts you you she will start coming on your hands
Is the bird vocal? Does he/she scream at certain times or just likes to chatter/talk. Are there any noticeable triggers. Please detail 
She just shouts sometimes but she she says do you want to dance what you doing here good girl Maisie she sings and dances
Do you have an outside aviary and does the bird enjoy being outside? 
No I don’t have a aviary and for outside I don’t know
Does the bird enjoy a shower or does he/she prefer to bathe in his water bowl? 
Water bowl and she likes being sprayed
Does the bird require ongoing medical treatment? If so please detail 
 Location: Long Eaton, Nottinhamshire

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