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Hi, I’m Phoenix

PP number: PP993


Name: Phoenix


Species: Congo African Grey


Cage supplied: Yes 


Adoption fee: CITES




Hi my name is Phoenix, I am a female African Grey and I am 6 years old



Phoenix came to me with another female African Grey Fred ( Winifred ) . They have lived in the same house for approx. 5 years. Phoenix is  plucked. She came to me with a plucked front and the tops of her wings. She still does this. Phoenix likes to explore. As soon as she’s out she is exploring. She has such a character 

Current Presentation

Phoenix will go to anyone, Male or female. She likes to sit on my shoulder and follow me around. Phoenix likes to play  with spoons, cups, plates. She is everywhere and loves to explore. She isn’t too keen on a shower but I do try. I haven’t seen her bath in her water bowl. Phoenix sleeps from approx. 8pm – 8am. She is never covered at night. When I am home the birds are out for about 6 hours. If I am out, then I will always leave the radio on for them. I always let them out as soon as I’m home. Phoenix loves attention and loves her cuddles. She chats away all day long. She really has a lot of character. 


Phoenix is very inquisitive about everything. She steps up when I ask and is brilliant getting in her cage. She will wave at me and I reward her with a treat.



Phoenix eats fresh veg every morning. Johnson and jeff low sunflower seed mix, fresh fruit twice a week and also scrambled eggs. They love it



Phoenix likes to play with her toys. She rings her bell when she’s ready to come out. Makes a water sound when she wants fresh water. She likes to sleep on her rope swing. Phoenix also likes to play with anything breakable in the kitchen. Cups, plates, spoons. She likes to clear the draining board for me. If only she would put the dishes away properly and not all over the floor lol. She also likes wires. For the kettle, the smart meter. Any wire she finds she likes to try and chew. They are all well covered now.



Phoenix needs to be with someone can give her a lot of space to explore. She loves being out of her cage and exploring. I believe Phoenix will be happy with a Male or Female. She loves her attention from anyone and will happily sit with anyone who visits. She does love to explore so if she is in the kitchen or around anything that is plugged in she will find the wires so be careful. Phoenix will bring such happiness to someone she really is so funny .

 Location:  Plymouth

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