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Hi, I’m Lucy

PP number: PP994


Name: Lucy


Species: Umbrella Cockatoo


Cage supplied: No


Adoption fee: £400




Hey there! I’m Lucy the Umbrella cockatoo. I’m around 13 years old with a very loving and cuddly nature, I love nothing more than a cuddle with my current SH. I have a small caffeine addiction for cups of tea but I’m not allowed it here and can screech for some, .not that he appreciates it! I love the camera and just looking at me of course I’m a diva ready for photos, there will be videos and plenty of photos on the Problem Parrots Extra page, if you search for Lucy 994 you will see me!



I have been in the charity for around a month and in that time I have become quiet settled from my old life, I have lived with a lady who could no longer keep me and I was passed around to new homes and some weren’t the best for me. In that time I got quite frustrated and bored and got confused with my routine so I started to get into this habit of picking my feathers…but being here with this SH I have a great routine that I’m still adjusting too making sure I have my 12 hour sleep pattern. I have been on abit of a rubbish diet so I came a little underweight which included chocolate fingers! (Which is not great for me, chocolate has a funny taste in my mouth)


Current Presentation 

I am enjoying being in my current SH and I really enjoy spending time with him, I do enjoy most peoples attention and I Don’t get jealous when it’s not my SH dad giving me it. He works most days but when he’s out he leaves me the TV on and it’s a different channel each day, I do have a preference for 80s music though. When I come out the cage with is every day for a few hours, I don’t like to go back in when I’m told to but my SH dad feeds me twice so I do like to see if there’s something new in my bowl which encourages me to go in, if I go to bed too early I will screech for a little while but not excessively like most other toos, I’m actually quite quiet for a too.

I have a blanket that I use for night that hangs off my cage during the day and at night I’m covered up by it even though I don’t really listen to my SH dad and I’ll still mutter about and ask “hello darling” he also says this to me every morning and gives me a big kiss!

My cage is okay but being a corner cage there’s not a lot of room for doing too much, I don’t have my wings clipped thankfully so I do love to fly around my SHs living room so a bigger squared cage would be perfect for when I can’t get out. When I am out though as I said I looooove to fly around from the sofa to the coffee table to my cage and then to sit on the windowsill is ace because I get to watch everyone and everything outside, my new neighbours were laughing at me bobbing my head about but I don’t understand why!?

I am not good with small humans as I can get quite jealous of those along with other furries, my SH dad has to put the other kids away while he has me out and I think I’m top bird (which I know I am) and I let everyone know who’s in charge, they know that too.


I step up on command and step down just as easy, I like to sit up high on my SHs shoulders…his lap or anywhere I can be with someone I will. I have never bitten anyone in my current SH  as I’m not that kind of girl.



I’m on AS30 and have a couple of sunflower seeds in to help me gain a little weight, I love a variety of different nuts and I do get offered different fruit and veggies but I do quite like greens more so than fruit.



My SH Dad went out and got me lots of large children’s kids toys to play with, lots of things with rings on and enrichment to play with, not that I’ve played with them much but I do try to when SH dad isn’t around. I like to chew up card box boxes and toilet rolls too and that’s evident with the bottom of my cage pieces of cardboard everywhere! I do like to go in the shower with my SH dad he did third calmly and I’ve been in twice now and I was better the second time. It made me have a good clean and encouraged me to give myself a good preen of all my new glossy feathers.



Lucy ideally needs someone who works from home so that she can be out for the majority of the day. Someone who has older children and no other pets preferably or maybe a cat that like to go outdoors away from Lucy. Someone with a large garden so an outdoor enclosure could be given to her during sunny days as she does enjoy the the wind and sun under her wings. Also someone will need to not let her overbond with them as otherwise her screeching would become terrible as at the moment it is very very minimal. This is my first SH bird and Lucy has been an absolute treasure to have around.

Please note that Lucy is a typical Cockatoo and has a tendency to over bond unless she has the correct environment.  She will need lots of foraging, to learn how to be independent and a good routine.  

 Location: Liverpool

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