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Hi, I’m Coco

PP number: PP987


Name: Coco


Species: Congo African Grey


Cage supplied: No


Adoption fee: £CITES



Hi my name is coco, and I around 35 years old, I maybe a little older but don’t let that put you off as I haven’t drawn my pension yet 😂
Anyway I am definitely a girl African Grey as I do lay eggs so please be mindful of this when applying for me as you will need to understand about egg lying birds eg. egg binding, right diet re:calcium levels etc. I do have a condition with my Cloaca (this is the single posterior opening for a birds digestive, urinary and reproductive tracts and is used to expel feces and eggs) Because of my egg laying in the pass this area has become saggy and sometimes I have a swelling due to build up of feces (which will need massaging & pushing gently to relieve the build up) I do have to have hormonal injections every 6-8 weeks as this helps me alot to tighten things up lets say 🤔 Please bear this in mind when you apply for me as I will need to be quite close to an avian vet and that you have this commitment and to be monitored daily on the build up. Problem Parrots will pay for the hormonal injections.
I also have a slight disability due to a small cage I have been housed in all my life with the wrong type of perches for my feet. This has made me not the best walker (I don’t fly) and I would have to have a special low long cage made so that I can have really low perches as I tend sometimes lose my balance and fall off my perches. My safe house mum has already got an amazing cage which is 4ft x 2ft x 2ft with a square mesh (helps me get around the cage as well) which was made by Rosemead Avairies.
I spend my most of my day on top of the cage shredding paper & the Argos book and also sleeping flat on my tummy so don’t be alarmed with this. A table play stand would be idea with a few hanging toys I can shred. My favourite toys is a Chinese wrap stick ❤ I will also need calcium drops and an UV lamp to help built my bones back up.
I am eating Tidy mix/AS30 parrot & Tidy mix paraket seed (I do like the smaller sèeds) also fruit & veg & soaked/sprouting beans are offered to me daily. But I am not a big eater on my fresh so this will need working on.
Otherwise with all my problems I am such a lovely kind natured grey. I step up and will go to either male or female and I do whistle & talk a little. I am such a loving grey and have loads of love to give. All I want is a quiet life and to have a lots of freedom daily out of my cage time (at least 8 hours) which I am use to now. I also had a harness on and enjoyed being in my SH apple tree so I am sure if you keep this up I will definitely enjoy this enrichment.
I am ok with other birds but would prefer birds that don’t fly around me please when I am out of my cage as I get a little stress with this. I was a little wary of dogs when I first arrived at my SH as I’ve never seen them before but I am ok with dogs as long they don’t come up to the cage to me. So please bear that in mind, as I would need to keep my distance away from them if that’s ok.
I am really looking for a home where I can have the freedom and a bit quietness please and well behaved dogs 😂 and return I promise I will never bite you 🤔
If you feel you are the right home for me than the rehoming team are waiting for your application.
Love beaky kisses Coco ❤

 Location: Tamworth

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