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Hi, I’m Honey

PP number: PP991


Name: Honey


Species: Lesser Sulphur Crested Cockatoo


Cage supplied: yes but needs replacing


Adoption fee: £CITES



My Sh mom says I’m lovely, I bet she will miss me when my forever family find me, When she wakes us in the morning I always say hello and then start bobbing around, I love spray bottles but please watch me when I’m bored I will chew my feathers, I love tidy mix, I sleep well when the lights go out, I’m not keen on other birds, would be better as an only bird as I do get jealous if you talk to others, I’m sat watching my Sh mom write this as I want to know what she is putting. I’m a good boy looking for my ever loving lady to be with


Safehouse Summary

Who is the birds main carer while in safe house *
Does the bird show any preference to either male or female *
Loves ladies ok with men as long as don’t touch
Are there any children in the home and do they interact with the bird? *
2 teenagers no interest
In your opinion would the bird be suitable to be placed in a home with children? *
Older children yes can’t say about younger
Are there any other pets in your home? If so please detail how your safe house bird reacts to these pets (ie is he/she frightened when a dog barks etc) *
Yes I have 3 others birds never out at same time as honey don’t like them
What is the birds sleep pattern. ie hours sleep and is the bird covered *
Honey goes to bed at 7pm and I wake at around 9.30am
How many hours a day is the bird currently out of it’s cage? *
6hrs due to having to let others out
In your opinion would the bird be suited to a home where there is someone home all day, or would the bird be able to be left alone while the adopter works? Please detail with reasons for your answer. *
I have noticed when Honey is left alone he chews his feathers
Does the bird prefer to play on it’s cage or does it prefer a play stand *
Honey is happy to play on his cage loves boxes though
How independent is the bird. Does he/she play on their own, sit and watch the world go by, or do they require a lot of interaction from their human companion? *
When out I will gladly amuse myself as long as I can see you are still around
How does the bird interact with other birds? Please detail including which other birds live with the safehouse bird. *
I was told not to have the birds out at the same time due to Honey not getting on with others at the moment when resting Honeys cage is next to another Cockatoo and they just ignore each other
Feeding habits. What are the birds favourite foods? Do they eat chop, sprouted or pellets? Please detail. *
I love my tidy mix Chop not so much as I just throw it around, I’m glad my Sh mom just laughs at me, no fruit is coming anywhere near my beak not a chance.
Does the bird step up? If so is this onto a hand or a perch. Please detail. *
I will step up onto my special blanket nothing else I don’t like arms perches actually anything that’s not my blanket.
If the bird does not step up or is not handleable then what training tools do you use to interact with the bird and does the bird go in and out of it’s cage of it’s own accord? Please detail including any signs of aggressive tendencies. *
I Am a good boy I go in and out my cage on my own but Sh mom says when it’s bed time I’m a monster I step up onto my blanket but I’m back out my cage before she moves, I’m so funny
What other training have you done with the bird ie harness training *
Is the bird vocal? Does he/she scream at certain times or just likes to chatter/talk. Are there any noticeable triggers. Please detail *
I do shout if I think I’m being ignored my Sh mom says I always do it when she is having coffee with her friend
Do you have an outside aviary and does the bird enjoy being outside? *
No outside aviary my Sh mom has taken me outside during the day I loved the sun
Does the bird enjoy a shower or does he/she prefer to bathe in his water bowl? *
I love spray bottles my Sh mom says the shower at moment is a no go I tried to bite her
Does the bird require ongoing medical treatment? If so please detail *
 Location: Telford

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