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Hi, I’m Melvyn

PP number: PP998


Name: Melvyn


Species: African Grey


Cage supplied: Yes but needs replacing


Adoption fee: £CITES



Melvyn is a very comical bird , happy to do his own thing , he is not a cuddly tame bird , he is scared of hands. Once you have gained his trust he will give you his foot and try and feed your finger , he will back away if you try and stroke his head. The only time he shows aggression is if he is scared or you try and force him to step up when he doesn’t want to , this only occurs away from his cage. Melvyn loves all food and is not a fussy eater , he would become a pig with seed if he was allowed to. He sleeps 12 hours , covered and once in bed you don’t hear from him. Melvyn can bark like a dog and sound like a phone ringing , he says mum , nunight , love you . When he is agitated he shouts don’t bite , naughty bird , or get in your cage before I squirt you . He has the most endearing voice that melts your heart , he is under 5 years old and has improved amazingly since being in sh, he has gone from a very bald chicken to an almost fully feathered one . This boy needs a home where he has a human around a lot , he doesn’t like being alone for long periods of time. Melvyn isn’t destructive , he has lots of toys but doesn’t pay much attention to them , he loves nothing more than to drink water from a cup , and says want some water , is that nice . Melvyn would be suited to a family home that is fairly busy , he has a lot of love to give and is a very special bird that has had a hard start in life.

Safehouse Summary

Bird Age & Sex if known or N/A *
Who is the birds main carer while in safe house *
Does the bird show any preference to either male or female *
Are there any children in the home and do they interact with the bird? *
Yes , but he prefers the little girl
In your opinion would the bird be suitable to be placed in a home with children? *
Are there any other pets in your home? If so please detail how your safe house bird reacts to these pets (ie is he/she frightened when a dog barks etc) *
Dogs , Melvyn can bark like one , but not phased by their noise
What is the birds sleep pattern. ie hours sleep and is the bird covered *
12 hours covered
How many hours a day is the bird currently out of it’s cage? *
In your opinion would the bird be suited to a home where there is someone home all day, or would the bird be able to be left alone while the adopter works? Please detail with reasons for your answer. *
Melvyn’s previous home he was left long hours and became stressed and lonely , this resulted in him plucking and self harming
Does the bird prefer to play on his cage or does he prefer a play stand *
His favourite place his on a door frame watching what people are doing
How independent is the bird. Does he/she play on their own, sit and watch the world go by, or do they require a lot of interaction from their human companion? *
He is happy with company of other birds or a human , he doesn’t like hands , he is happy to do his own thing
How does the bird interact with other birds? Please detail including which other birds live with the safehouse bird. *
He lives opposite macaws and next to a tag , he has conversations with them , is happy providing they keep there distance , he is scared if they get too close
Feeding habits. What are the birds favourite foods? Do they eat chop, sprouted or pellets? Please detail. *
Favourite food is scrambled egg , eats Johnson and Jeff low sunflower , sprouted seeds , loves fruit and most veg
Does the bird step up? If so is this onto a hand or a perch. Please detail. *
Steps onto hand
If the bird does not step up or is not handleable then what training tools do you use to interact with the bird and does the bird go in and out of it’s cage of it’s own accord? Please detail including any signs of aggressive tendencies. *
Melvyn will now step up to go into his cage , if he doesn’t want to he will give you a warning bite , if you persist this will get harder
What other training have you done with the bird ie harness training *
Taught to step up using a grape as a reward
Is the bird vocal? Does he/she scream at certain times or just likes to chatter/talk. Are there any noticeable triggers. Please detail *
Melvyn does not scream at all , he is full of conversation and does not swear
Do you have an outside aviary and does the bird enjoy being outside? *
Yes but he isn’t keen , whilst outside he won’t move from the perch you out him on
Does the bird enjoy a shower or does he/she prefer to bathe in his water bowl? *
He hates water
Does the bird require ongoing medical treatment? If so please detail *
No , however he plucks under extreme stress which will result in him making his wings bleed


 Location: Plymouth

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