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Hi, I’m Max

PP number: PP1008


Name: Max


Species: Congo African Grey


Cage supplied: Yes but needs a new one 


Adoption fee: CITES




Hi I am Max I am a 10 year old Male African Grey.  I’ve been with my Safehouse for a couple of weeks now and I really like it here.  I get fresh Veggies every day which I love to eat and AS30 seed mix with those strange looking pellets he insists on putting in, I do eat them though.  I am a shy bird and not too confident with hands at the moment. I don’t bite but I am just not that fussy about being petted or stepping up just yet but I am working on it.   I get really excited when people come into the room although I do favour the ladies. I love my music and will dance and click my beak which makes my Safehouse Dad laugh. In my previous home I was taught to sing the Great Escape, and the Laurel and Hardy theme.  I do a great burping sound and say hello to everyone who comes in the room. I am not used to a lot of toys but I am getting there and my Safehouse Dad has bought me some new ones recently the one with the bell is my favourite.



Max was with his previous male owner for 10 years and hadn’t been out of his cage for 5 months so is a little shy


Current Presentation:

Max is feather perfect and seems to be in good health.  He has recently had the rings on his legs removed due to them being too tight around his legs



Max has only just started taking food by hand and is a little unsure of hands at the moment although he is getting better.  Hopefully as soon as he is settled a little more I will try to teach him to step up



Max has fresh chop, pellets, sprouted seeds and AS30 mix



Max’s cage is open most of the day but spends a lot of the time in his cage.  He is only just learning to play with toys however, he does love his music and will quite happily dance on his swing perch



Max is an absolute gentle bird and with time and patience he will make a great addition to anyone’s family



 Location:  Liverpool

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