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Hi, I’m Pepi

PP number: PP989


Name: Pepi


Species: Mealey Amazon


Cage supplied: Needs a new one


Adoption fee: £150





Hi I’m Pepi, I’m a good looking but a bit shy Amazon looking for my forever home could this be you?.


I came in after my old dad had passed away, his son and wife did their best to look after me but I wasn’t really getting time out or any fuss and attention.

This made me a little grumpy and I deserved a new start they said.

Current Presentation

I’m learning that I’m allowed out of my cage,  I’ve done this a couple of times now and you know what I can fly too, and I’m quite good at it. I like coming out to play, I will also now take a treat from anyone. yummy!


Learning to step up and not be afraid of hands, it’s slow progress but will need to be continued.


l love food and fresh fruit and veg.  Was on a poor diet when came in currently weaning slowly to a better quality of seed .


I enjoy time  out now I’m  getting brave, I love being talked to and a few toys. Interaction is my thing but no hands just yet.


I am a happy one, and I’m slowly learning to trust and enjoy my new freedom.

I do like company and the ladies. I don’t really like men. I have seen children and dogs and i am not bothered by these, as long as the little people don’t poke at me.

I like to sit on my cage and when I’m out I like to have you around if I cant see you I can be rather loud,  although it does get less after a while I just want your attention.

I love to talk and love to be talked to and I will always answer you, and I love grapes these are used as my treat.

Ideally I’d like someone at home a lot please and somewhere I can be out, and for you to carry on my training  in return i’ll provide you with some great company and some good chats.

Hope to find you soon love pepi x


 Location:  Kent

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