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Hi, I’m Fred

PP number: PP992


Name: Winifred


Species: Congo African Grey


Cage supplied: Yes


Adoption fee: £CITES




Hi there, my name is Fred. I am a female African Grey and I’m approx. 30 years old.



Fred came to me with another female African grey called Phoenix. They have lived in the same house together for approx. the last 5 years. Fred likes to keep herself to herself and sit on her cage and watch the world go by. Oh and Phoenix. Fred doesn’t like to step up but will if she needs your help. She will let u stroke her beak but only on her terms. I think Fred really does prefer her own company.


Current Presentation

She will take treats off of anyone. Male or female. My son always tries to play with Fred. Gives her spoons to throw at him . Also my dad is a regular visitor and she doesn’t mind him talking to her and giving her treats. She doesn’t mind a but of attention but she does prefer her own company. She doesn’t take much notice of Phoenix. Fred sometimes flies onto Phoenix’s cage but soon flies back to her own. Fred likes to bath in her water bowl. She sleeps from about 8pm – 8am she is not covered at night. If I am home the birds are out for about 6 hours. If I am out then i leave the radio on for them and let them out as soon as I’m home. Fred like to sit on her door looking at herself in the mirror or she sits on top of her cage. Normally to get her in I put a great on her perch on her door and I get her in that way. Fred likes to make noise. She talks a lot and also barks like a dog. Her previous home had a dog.



I haven’t done any training with Fred as she is happy to be left alone. I do always try to ask her to step up but she never wants to.



Johnson and Jeff low sunflower seeds, Fresh veg daily, fruit twice a week

Nuts for treats. I also give them Scrambled eggs made with water twice a week. Fred loves this.



Fred doesn’t seem  to care much for toys. She likes to play with my son for about 10 mins with spoons. She will throw them at him and he tries to catch. She soon gets fed up and keeps hold of the spoon so she doesn’t have to play. Once he’s out of sight she will drop it. I don’t give Fred cardboard as I was told me may be allergic. Fred came to me with an nebulizer but I have not had to use it or witnessed and breathing problems. Fred loves listening to the radio


 Fred needs to find her forever home. I think she needs someone who is home a lot and can give her the time and effort she needs to become more social. I think Fred will be fine with either male or female. She doesn’t take any notice of any other birds and dogs I don’t think. I don’t have a dog but I no her previous home did. She also doesn’t mind children



 Location: Plymouth

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