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Hi, I’m Jacko

PP number: PP968


Name: Jacko


Species: African Grey


Cage supplied: Yes


Adoption fee: £CITES




Hello All Im Jacko and I’m 24 years old, my safe house mum has discovered I am a girl as I recently laid an egg. Im a very nervous timid girl and I shake when people are near. Mum says time is going to be a factor until I learn to trust again.

I’ve had a very poor diet in the past and I looked very thin. My mum has been feeding me AS30 and lots of fruit and veg. I do like treats and I will happily take then gently from you. I do get worried when I think its time for food as It appeared, I didn’t get fed enough and scoffed my food down.

Since mum as changed my diet and given me regular feed times, I know food is always around and I’ve become better mannered. I do try new things and will leave what I don’t like.

I love fresh water and I have supplements of calcium added to it as I have laid an egg.  Mum wants to keep me well she keeps telling me.

Because I haven’t been out in such a long time, I have become used to being enclosed in my cage. Mum has been leaving my cage open, but I have been too scared to come out. I gave mum a scare as she popped into the kitchen to get my boiled egg. Upon walking back in I was sitting on top of my cage waiting for my food.

I haven’t been bathed so I was in a poor state and needed a lot of TLC, mum has been spraying me I and do actual like this, as us girls do need a pamper.

I have lots of new toys ,I have forgotten how fun these are. I have bells which I love playing with and I just had a mirror with a bell attached (this is heaven).  I have rings and wooden toys and wow I love chewing these.  I also have a ball with a bell and I bash this around to get everyone’s attention. I been promised more toys which I’m excited about and I can’t wait.

I only had one dowel perch in my cage before. I now have a variety of perches in my cage and I have now gotten used to. They are so much better and mums hoping this will help with my nails being filed down.

I do talk but its more mumbling and it’s hard to make out what I’m saying. I do interact with the other silly grey in the house who I do really like.

I will allow you to stroke me, but this is on my terms and can be very random at times. Be warned though I will bite so mum is learning my body language haha. I used to have my cage banged and shaken sadly and I don’t trust anyone.  My mum is always talking to me and she catches me out with touching me but on occasion I will get you and bite your finger if you are not quick enough.

Mum says with time and perseverance, she does believe I will learn to trust again. Now I’m just learning to be a grey who is becoming happier and my safe house family is not so bad.

I really would like my forever home please??



 Location: Leicester

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