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Hi, I’m Max

PP number: PP1030


Name: Max


Species: Congo African Grey


Cage supplied: No


Adoption fee: CITES




Max is a lovely 25 year old female Grey. Lovely character, happy around men women and children.
Chatters for England and a pleasure to be around. Loves to play and interact.
She has had a vets visit over a lump under the tail believed to be a hormonal growth, this will need monitoring.


Max was with her previous owner since their 18th birthday and they have done a brilliant job with her. Years on now the owners are expecting their first child and space is needed.
A heart breaking decision for them​.

Current Presentation:

Excellent condition, feathers in really good condition claws do not need cutting yet (on vets advice) hormonal lump needs monitoring.


Day to day 2 to 3 hours in the day and most early evenings running up and down the back of the sofa playing with the family.


Tidy mix fresh fruit vegetables dried fruit millet stray


Prefers to be interacting with people more than toys but let her get a toy box it’s destroyed in 15 seconds flat. Toilet rolls stuffed and treats hidden are one of her favourites.
Loves investigating everything and anything also very happy sitting on her cage having a conversation that is normally funny.


A lovely bird with an amazing character she chats away climbs all over you (loves to nibble on your ear or hair).
She is a pleasure to look after every day she’s surprises you with her character and vocabulary.


 Location: West Midlands

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