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Hi, I’m Ziggy

PP number: PP1032


Name: Ziggy


Species: Congo African Grey


Cage supplied: Yes


Adoption fee: CITES




Hi, my name is Ziggy, I’m approx. 28 years old.

I’ve been in my safehouse a few weeks now and have settled in really well. I was a man’s bird but have decided my safehouse mum is just as nice as my safehouse dad. I love tickles and scratches from both my safehouse mum and dad and also their 11 year old son. I love my time out of the cage and love nothing more than to watch the world go by. My mum thinks I’m such a good boy as I have started to step up for her and will quite happily sit on her shoulder. I do like to be around my safehouse family and do get sad when I’m left alone for too long so would prefer someone home most of the day. I love to talk and whistle when they are around and my safehouse mum says I’m very well behaved and quiet compared to the rest of her flock! And I must admit they are very noisy!!! I will try to talk to them from the other room and have met one or two of them which I quite like.  


Ziggy lived with his previous family all his life since he was 8 months old and was loved very much but circumstances changed, and they had to make the heart-breaking decision to find him another forever family.  

Current Presentation:

Ziggy is a fully feathered and a healthy-looking bird. He is very easy going and will step up to anyone including children. He doesn’t move much from the top of his cage but is gaining confidence every day. He has a lovely temperament and is a gentle quiet bird. He doesn’t mind children or other animals at all. 


Ziggy loves his food and can be easily trained because of this. He will step up on command and take treats from you. He also lowers his head for tickles. He loves tickles!!!


His diet has been mainly seed based with little fruit. He will try new fruits and vegetables but does tend to throw them out after a couple of bites. This is a working progress! He is currently on tidy mix but in the process of moving him onto Harrisons pellets.  


We have been introducing him to parrot toys. He was afraid of them at first but is now coming around to the idea of playtime.  


All in all Ziggy is a pleasure to safehouse. He would need someone who is home a lot as he does like company very much. He would be ok with a home with older children but not too sure on younger ones as yet. He seems to like the company of other birds so don’t think that would be a problem. He doesn’t mind other animals either.  

If you feel you can offer a lovely home to this gentle bird, then please fill out an application form! 

Thank you.  Love Ziggy and his Safehouse mummy! x

 Location: Doncaster

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