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Hi, I’m Bluey

PP number: PP1057


Name: Bluey


Species: Budgie


Cage supplied: Yes


Adoption fee: £0



Hello I am Bluey the blue budgie.



My previous owner kept me in a cage on my own as I have a poorly wing. I like fresh fruit and veg as well as boiled eggs.  My age and any information on my history or health is unknown.


Current Presentation

My safe house family has kept me in a cage of my own as I can’t stretch my wing let along fly.  Because I can’t fly I don’t like hands in my cage as I get frightened. My safe house mum is always talking to me and I have now started to respond without being such a scaredy cat.



I have not had any training and as I can’t fly



I eat budgie seed mix with fresh fruit and veggies.



As I have difficulty with balance I have a mirror swing in my cage so I can have a chat to the chap looking at me but he’s not very talkative.



Bluey is very shy and easily frightened due to the fact he can’t use his one wing, this doesn’t stop him getting around his cage.  He has gotten used to using his feet and beak to climb around and uses his good wing for balance as he can be a bit clumsy.


 Location:  South Wales

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