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Hi, I am Blu

PP number: Pp1421


Name: Blu



Indian ringneck


Adoption fee: 100






Peekaboo, Peeekaboo, Peekaboo, Give us a kiss. Hello my name is Blu, I came into the charity through no fault of my own and can tell you some more about me below, If you like ‘Peekaboo’ then happily continue to read more about me.



I came into the charity as I was an only bird in the house and with that I became a rather noisy but mainly an obsessive birdy with my female owner and just wanted to play play play all day long, so it was with their deepest heartache to find me a new forever home.



Current Presentation: 

I am in pristine condition with beautiful blue feathers and stunning black ring around my neck.


I will take treats from and eat from my bowl whilst my human holds it, I will step up but on my terms and more so if I feel stuck or unsure of my surroundings where I may have landed such as, on the floor or a cage I can not get off fast enough, I will also sit on your shoulder whilst you walk around the room with me.

I will also step-up on a wooden perch but I am a good boy and try not to use this too much as my human says this gives me more confidence and trust in my human, this was mostly need to aid back into my cage but I am more than happy to climb in and out when I am happy and settled.

I will also play peekaboo with my human and let them give me kiss on my beak but I need more training for tickles, I will sit on shoulder but not for very long but this is getter better as time progresses.



Blu is now on AS30 and has settled well with this, drinks plenty of water along with a mixture of many different fruit and veg that he seems to enjoy.


Blu has a variety of toys in his cage including a babble ball but would rather spend time trying to gain the attention from my ringneck and will pine for him when he can not get to him, will feed him through the cage bars yet my ringneck thinks he is an Alexandrine and will not entertain Blu when not in their cages at the same time to the point will pick on Blu.

Blu also says many other things such as, “Can you see the birds?”, “where’s the birds?”, “C’mon BIRDSSS”!!”, “I no like the birds” and much more. Blu also wolf whistles and whistles the Addams Family Tune.


Blu will benefit the company of another Ringneck but is also just as happy with a human as long as he has someone to play ‘Peekaboo’ with, talk to, and whistle with.

Blu is a very easy bird to look after I have found personally, he likes a bath not a shower and chews up the paper at the bottom of his cage foraging.

Blu is very entertaining and even when sleeping he does not sleep on a perch or his branch perch. he huggles right up at the top of his cage hanging on to the bars.

I call him the chatterbox parrot as he reminds me of those on YouTube once he really gets going.

If you think you are a fantastic fit for Blu then by all means click apply for this stunning beauty


Greater Manchester

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