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Hi, I’m Blu

PP number: PP1421


Name: Blu


Species: Indian Ringneck


Adoption fee: £100


Cage Supplied: Yes



Hi, my name is Blu! I am a blue Indian Ringneck and have been living with my safehouse since December 2023. I am a complete chatterbox and don’t stop talking from the minute my safehouse carer says good morning to the minute he says goodnight!



I have come back into the charity through no fault of my own and now I’m ready to find my forever home. I have had both male and female carers in the past and I have no preference.


Current presentation:

I’m a stunning, fully feathered bird!



I will step up on a perch for most people and will occasionally step up onto a hand (when I feel like it!). I much prefer being out of my cage and enjoy spending time sat on top of it watching what is going on. Sometimes I will happily sit on top of the sofa with my safehouse carer, but this is on my terms and may only be for a few minutes. I don’t enjoy being left alone and can be vocal when I feel like I’ve been forgotten about, but we are working on a routine to help with this.



I am currently on a varied diet of Scarlett’s AS30 seed mix as well as fresh fruit and vegetables. I particularly enjoy kiwi, sweetcorn, and carrot, but my absolute favourite is apple! I get a little treat of an almond when I train with my safehouse carer.



My biggest source of enrichment is hanging out with my safehouse carers, whether that be chilling on the sofa, sitting on top of the curtains, or having a chat with anyone who will respond! My favourite game is ‘peekaboo!’, but I also like to ask for a kiss, and can sing a few tunes, wolf whistle, ask you what you’re doing and tell ‘the birds’ to ‘c’mon!’.



Blu is a lovely bird who would do well in a variety of environments. As long as Blu has plenty of interaction, love and care, Blu has the potential to be a great companion for the right family.


Location: Rugeley

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