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Hi, I’m Birdie

PP number: PP932


Name: Birdie


Species: Alexandrine


Cage supplied: Yes


Adoption fee: £125



Hi, i’m Birdie, I am approximately 4 years old. If you search for me on PPX you will see lots of photo’s and video’s of me. I am a lovely boy and have the cutest voice. I step up well although do tend to prefer females. Once I trust you I will fly to you to see what you are doing. I love nothing more than following Jackson (the CAG) all day long. I long for a friend to play with,

I had one previous home before my safe house. There were dogs but I was in a different room. I have been known to make a barking noise to trick people. I was very nervous when I first arrived at my SH but with trust I slowly came out of
my shell and began to speak and step up

Current Presentation:

I prefer females and can be very timid around anyone else. I step up to my safe house mum easily and go in my cage well most of the time but can be stubborn at times. I am ok with children in the house but I get nervous when they approach suddenly so older children would be better. I step up to the little person in the house occasionally. I have been around birds but I do land on their cage to wind them up and then fly off when they come towards me. I would love a bird like me to play with. I am a fully feathered beautiful boy and can fly very well. I love to circle the room with a bit of a sqwark but this tends to be when I first come out of my cage then I will calm down and play on my cage or the Java tree. I do like a good spray/shower and spread my wings out.


My safe house mum worked with me to get me to step up but no other training.


I love lots of fresh fruit and veg, I prefer the veg when it is part boiled but will try most things you offer me. I love
pulses and occasionally my SH mum gives me boiled egg. I arrived on a poor seed diet but I am now eating Johnston & Jeff low sunflower mix.


Wood, wood and more wood. I will need lots of wooden toys as these are my favourite…I am a machine.
My SH mum fills a bowl with Kindle wood which I devour. If I don’t have lots of wood to chew, I will chew your door frames and anything else I can get my beak into.


I am looking for a forever home with a female carer or family with older children. I will need time out of my cage to spread my wings and have a fly. Lots of wood please! Other birds are ok too, I’m a gentle boy. I’m a beautiful boy, if you think you are good match, please apply for me.
Love Birdie


Location: Doncaster

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