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Hi, I’m Joey

PP number: PP1120


Name: Joey


Species: Congo African Grey


Cage supplied: I would like a new cage to call my own


Adoption fee: £CITES



Hi my name is Joey.  Safe house mum says I’m epic and a pleasure to have around, so apparently that’s good.  Anyhow I’m looking for my forever home, I love everyone so should find someone to love me soon .

Sadly my owner died. But while she was alive she suffered some mental health issues. Unfortunately this led to some issues with my cage cleaning and diet and for many years I did not come out of my cage.

Current Presentation:

I am happy to come in and out my cage, I don’t really like hands and will shout ouch or bark like a dog if you use these to get me of my cage.  However I will step up on to your arm. I’m a little nervous when I first meet you but then good to go.  I like to fly on to heads but safe house mum discourages this.
Having been shut in my cage I like to be out as much as I can.  Even just to sit on top of my cage and watch everything.
I’m ok to be left for a few hours as long as I have plenty of things in my cage to do.  I’m learning what these toy things are but my favourite thing to do is be with you and get tickles.
I don’t mind other animals as long as they are not near me when out .
I safe house with another bird but I don’t like that she flies about and it frightens me, so only quieter birds please or on my own although I do like the other Grey’s here.  Not keen on the cockatoo or the faster flying little birds.
I will go to men or women and older children my safe house mum’s youngest child is 10.
I also like to potter around the floor and play with foot toys.


Learning to step up more and a few tricks.


Tidy mix and veg but would rather be hand fed it.  Not keen on greens.


Lots of toys! Cardboard and foraging things.  Not big boxes.


Joey is a fabulous bird who loves everyone.  He deserves a five star home and has been the easiest bird I have had.  He needs someone to return his love he loves to be with you and just be loved. Tickles, stories dancing singing.  Even when you’re working.  I will really miss this bird and can’t wait to see what his future holds.


Location: Melbourne, Derby

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