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Hi, I’m Birdie

PP number: PP932


Name: Birdie


Species: Alexandrine


Cage supplied: Yes


Adoption fee: £125


Description: Hi, i’m officially Jed, but better known as Birdie. When I first arrived at my SH I hadn’t been out of my cage for a long time so I was very nervous and didn’t move from my perch for most of the day. Later that day my SH mum offered me some apple. I had a try and then I made noises at her and did my figure of 8 dance with my head. The following morning my SH mum opened my cage and I flew straight out. I sat on the top of my cage and said hello to her over and over.


I do say other things but I don’t think my SH mum understands me yet. I get startled easily and will fly about if that happens and although I can fly really well, i can land with a bump if I’ve not had time to plan my route. I step up to go back on my cage if i’m stuck but I can also be stubborn and refuse to step up too.


My SH mum picks me up with both hands when she really needs me to go away and I show no aggression. I’m a big softie and even if I open my beak it’s all for show. If she tells me it’s bedtime, sometimes i’m happy to go in my cage by myself. SH mum covers me at night as I make noises in the morning if not.


I currently eat a seed mix although I prefer fruit and veg. So far I’ve enjoyed apple, blueberries, snap peas, carrots and even coconut. I will try anything you offer me though. I like scrambled egg and pasta too.


My SH has a smaller human. He’s ok as long as he doesn’t walk past too quick. I prefer older kids or none at all. I have my own cage but i’m not using it. I use my SH mum’s spare. I’ve chewed the wooden perch in it though (whoops). I like this as my cage only has plastic ones so please could I have some new ones? I will need some wooden toys to stop me chewing them though and my SH mum gives me cardboard to chew too.


I will need room to fly as I do love to now I’m free but I do like to just sit on the top of my cage or sometimes not come out at all.


Hope to see you soon. Love Birdie. X


Location: Doncaster

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