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Hi, I’m Billy

PP number: PP11328






Illigers Macaw


Adoption fee: £350




Billy is an absolutely stunning bird. He has come on leaps and bounds since being in safehouse. He is growing in confidence every day. He now likes to sit on my shoulder or chest and just walk around or chill with me.



Billy came from a home where his owners became ill which is how he ended up in the Charity.


Current Presentation

Billy will now step up onto a towel and will happily sit on my shoulder or chest and dance. He has really come out of his shell and allows head tickles. He can be slightly Cage territorial but is not aggressive. Billy can fly but has only ever flown once very recently. He does not go on the floor, he enjoys his time either on or in his cage, or on the rope or playstand. Billy says ‘What you doing’ ‘right now’. Billy loves playing with cardboard tubes, his favourite game is chucking the tubes and likes them chucked back up for him to throw again. He will play like this for ages.


We are building Billy’s confidence by allowing time with us. Billy needs further training for stepping up which is ongoing.


Billy is fed on AS30 with fruit and vegetables. He eats a wide variety of fruit and veg.


Billy loves playing with cardboard tubes and enjoys the play stand and rope.


Billy is an absolutely stunning bird, he does not have an aggressive bone in his body. He is getting more confidence every day. Billy can be slightly loud and he is not phased by other birds.

Location: Bristol

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