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Hi, I’m Bertie

PP number: PP1039


Name: Bertie


Species: Severe Macaw


Adoption fee: £350





Hi my name is Bertie, I’m one of the smaller species of macaw, I’m a severe macaw. I’m not really sure how old I am, but I know I’m very young at heart.


I cane into the charity through no fault of my own, my owner made a very hard decision to find me a new home.


Current presentation
As you can see, I am extremely handsome and my green feathers are pristine. I love to keep myself looking tip top.


Bertie doesn’t really need any intense training, he will happily step up for you. Bertie would be quite easy to harness train and he would enjoy going for a walk.


I enjoy my seed AS30 and I also like some fruit and vegetables but can be quite picky with it at times. my safe house is very persistent and still gives it to me each day, few of my favourites are walnuts, pecan nuts, blueberries & strawberries.


I can be quite loud and demand a lot of attention but I’m slowly learning to keep myself occupied with toys and other things to keep me stimulated.


I’m cheeky, very loud, mostly hormonal who loves giving affection to my humans. I spend my days outside of my cage which I love being out all the time I spend my time going back and forth eating playing with my toys that I’m just getting used to I am always vocal more when I’m having to spend time in my cage but also when I’m out which my safe house thinks I like the attention a lot.
I am with lots of other birds at my SH and even though I don’t interact with them I have not shown any aggressive or approached them and If they approach me I just fly off. I love having a good spray I will go in the shower but you will need to come in with me as I like to sit on your shoulder. I am covered at night and as soon as my SH cover me up I won’t make a sound until I am uncovered in the morning. I don’t have my favourite human I will go to either my SH mom or dad but when I am on one of them no one else can can approach or fuss me as I get very protective of them.

This is what my safehouse mum and dad say about me…..
After assessing Bertie I would say he needs a home that can allow him to be out of his cage as much as possible (preferably most of the day) he is a very loud little fella as well and demands a lot of attention but is slowly learning to keep himself occupied with his toys and other things to keep him stimulated he is very much like a toddler and gets very excited very fast which can lead to unwanted behaviour so keeping on top of this is important. Bertie is with children and my daughter has handled him once or twice but I wouldn’t place Bertie with younger children because he is very protective of the adult handling him and if they get too close, he will not hesitate in telling them off. Bertie can be housed with other birds as long as he has his own space to do his own thing.

If you think you can fit in with Bertie’s needs and give him that forever home, then fill in the application.

 Location:  Birmingham

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