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Hi, I’m Bertie

PP number: PP1187


Name: Bertie


Species: jenday conure


Adoption fee: £125




Hi, I’m Bertie, a beautiful Jenday Conure. As an older gent I’m not as active as I used to be but I still love the finer things in life – a toy to shred, some chopped apple and a perch near a window where I can watch the world go by. I like to listen to the small people and women in my safe house chat to me from a distance, but I’m happiest when sat on a man’s shoulder so a home with a male primary carer would suit me best.

I really don’t like hands and while I’ll happily take food from you, I’ll let you know if I think your hands are too close by squawking and I may try to nip. Otherwise I’m quite chilled out and not particularly noisy.
There are other birds here in my safe house, I seem quite interested in the smaller ones (budgies and cockatiels) but I’m not keen on the larger parrot and have tried to fly at her a couple of times.


I’m between 20-25 years old. My previous owner sadly passed away. I went to live with his granddaughter for a while who bought me a brilliant new cage and lots of toys but there was a dog in the house and I couldn’t come out very often so she decided to let me find a new family.

Current Presentation:
I’m almost completely fully feathered. I’ve been known to pluck under my wings and my legs in the past – I’ve been in a heavy moult since arriving in the charity so it’s difficult for SH mum to see whether I’ve been up to this recently. I’ll need plenty of toys to keep me busy and distracted to try and prevent further plucking. I like to have a bath around once a week, but I really do not like being sprayed.
I’ve been flying more and more since arriving in my safe hour, but my landings need a lot of work!
I also have a past injury to my foot which has healed but my two back toes don’t work very well and point forwards. The vet thinks in the past I may have only had dowel perches which injured my foot over time. I can get around just fine, but I’m a little slower walking and I’ll need to be watched very carefully on rugs and carpets as my nails can get caught more easily.


I enjoy the company of people but I’m nervous about hands and do not like being handled. Safe house Mum has been focusing getting me used to having hands around me and you would need to continue this so I can eventually learn to step up. (I’ll occasionally step up onto a perch but I’m not keen on that either!)



I was on a seed only diet when I came into the charity. I’m getting better at trying new things and will eat small amounts of fruit and veg chop and soaking seed, and I’m getting more used to the AS30 seed mix which SH Mum says is healthier for me. I love apple, grapes and toast for the occasional treat.



I LOVE shredding toys! I have lots of them in my cage and will happily play with them by myself. I also love shredding cardboard and newspaper – I love to hide under the newspaper at the bottom of my cage. I don’t seem bothered by foraging toys or foot toys (I find these hard to hold). I also love to watch out of the window.


Bertie was quite shy when he arrived but he’s coming out of his shell. He’s a handsome little gent who’s easy to care for although he doesn’t like being handled he does enjoy human company and will sit and listen to whoever is chatting to him.
He’s quiet for a conure – he’ll squawk occasionally but that’s it. His injured foot doesn’t stop him from getting around and enjoying his toys and when he’s not playing he’s snoozing under the newspaper!

Bertie is fine around men, women and children but would really thrive in a home with a male primary carer. He doesn’t seem too bothered by the other smaller birds in safe house, but he’s not keen on the larger parrot and his previous owners reported that he wasn’t sure about their dog.
It’s lovely looking after him and I think he’ll be a great addition to a kind and patient family.

Location: Reading

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