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Hi, I’m Bernard

PP number: PP105


Name: Bernard



Green cheeked conure


Adoption fee:  




I’m Bernard a beautiful conure who is full of life, we don’t know when my birthday is but think I am an older conure but we are unsure of his exact age.



We don’t have much history on Bernard but he came back into the charity due to no fault of his own. Bernard is missing a toe but this doesn’t seem to affect him in anyway. Bernard was bonded with another conure so ideally he would do well going somewhere there is other conures that he can make new friends with as this is what he loves.


Current Presentation:

Bernard is fully feathered and extremely handsome.




Bernard needs training on stepping up as currently he will not step on hands or a stick/perch when needed but I’m sure over time and patience he will be able to do this and think clicker training will help a lot. The clicker/target training will help Bernard getting him back into the cage a little more easier to although yes he will take himself back to the cage when he’s ready Barnard seems to really like banana so have been using this to help back into the cage.



Bernard is currently on Johnson and Jeff lean and fit seed he also has fresh fruit and veg but not too much fruit. I will eat almost everything you give me some time I can be a little picky with the chop mix but it’s the case of keep trying with me and I will eat it.



Bernard has a variety of toys and doesn’t really have a preferred toy as such, he doesn’t seem to be a box/cardboard bird but have kept trying with different sizes yet to try a different way. But does love the company of the other birds being around although he could do with a little encouragement for toys.


Bernard is a quite conure with so much more to give who loves to be out and around other conures as this is what he’s use. He does say some words ,he’s a typical conure that sometime can be nippy and is scared of hands but over time I’m sure he will come on a lot.

I live in a safe house where mainly it’s just my female carer and occasionally there is a man and children that come around these don’t upset me but I  do seem to lean more to men, I don’t mind children but I can be quite nippy when I want to be. Bernard is a quite counre but does say some words but this isn’t a lot. I do like to be out of my cage, I’m not destructive or cage aggressive , I tend to go to bed round 8pm and get up around 8am , I’m a great flyer and love to fly around the living room  I do love to come off my cage and venture about, I can be hard to get back into my cage but I will take myself back in when I’m ready or sometime for a treat ,I don’t step up so this will need some training put in, I do like to have a bit of a shower, I don’t mind 4 legged furry friends been around but only when I’m safely back into my cage. I will take food from my safe house mum no problem but only when I want to. I am quite scared of hands and won’t let you give me head scratches, Bernard was bonded with another conure and does seem to like been around others birds so ideally he would be a great friend for another conure.




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