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Hi, I’m Belle

PP number: PP687


Name: Belle


Species: Congo African Grey


Adoption fee: £cites





Hello my name is Belle, I’m around 5 years old. I’m a beautiful Congo African Grey. You will be able to view my photos and videos on problem parrots extra Facebook page and searching # Belle.



My safehouse mum doesn’t really know that much about my background and why I came into the charity.


Current Presentation:

I’m currently in a safehouse with 5 other birds so I have to share the lounge, I’m out my cage pretty much all day. I go to bed around 8pm and I’m covered over, I get up around 7:30am. I’m unsure about small children as I prefer bigger humans. I am cage territorial so I will go to bite. I don’t step-up when I’m on my cage but I will step-up onto a stick and you can put me back in my cage with ease, I also go back in myself. I’ve been around dogs so I’m not phased by them barking I just like to copy them. I don’t like you to spray me, I prefer to just bathe myself. When I’m out I like to sit on top of my cage and do my own thing, I like to watch what’s going on around me. I can be very vocal but it’s not all the time. I’m not very tame but my safehouse humans are trying to build my confidence up, so I do go to bite when I see hands coming towards me. When I’m not on my cage I do step-up on you I just need more confidence. I’m definitely a ladies bird, I’m just unsure around men, when my safehouse dad is near my cage I bang my toys off the bars just to let him know that I’m not happy with him. However I do not fly at men to attack them and I do allow my safehouse dad to stroke my beak but it’s got to be on my terms. I’m a very chatty girl when you get to know me I can say loads here’s just a few of them. ( Hello Belle) (oi behave) (go away) ( hello baby doll) (careful) (good girl/good boy) (step-up) (Tickle) etc. I can bark and whine like a dog, I can also wolf whistle.



I’ve not had any training, but my safehouse humans are trying really hard to build up my confidence, and that hands are a good thing and that they’re not going to hurt me.



I’m on tidy mix seed. I also have fruit and vegetables in the mornings. I like trying all fruits and vegetables, but I like my vegetables cooked.



I like to explore all kind of toys, I haven’t really got a favourite. I do like chewing on wooden sticks. I’ve been inside of my safehouse humans indoor aviary but I got a little overwhelmed so I didn’t stay in it for too long. I do like a cardboard box filled with shredded paper inside, sometimes there maybe a little treat inside so I have to forage for it.



Belle ideally needs a lady owner to call her own and a much quieter home where it’s not to busy. Belle would benefit for a confident handler has she is really clever and will pick up things with some training. Belle is very entertaining and she has so much love to give. With lots of time and patience she will make someone very happy.


 Location:  Derbyshire

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