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Hi, I am Bella

PP number: PP1265


Name: Bella


Species: Blue Fronted Amazon


Adoption fee: £300




Hi, I’m Bella. I have been a much-loved companion to a lovely lady. I now need to find someone else to love, to chat to and to sit with. I am a blue fronted amazon. My safe house think I am beautiful, and I am not going to disagree!



I have been given to Problem Parrots through no fault of my own. Unfortunately, the lady that loved me previously died suddenly and Problem Parrot people came to bring me into their care.


Current Presentation:

When I arrived, I was a bit nervous, I would not take anything from hands and will still shy away until I am used to you. If you push me, I will give a warning peck but let me take my time and I will come to you.

I am out of my cage all day here and love the freedom. I will fly to you and sit on your shoulder or head and when I do that you can usually give me a head scratch. I get sooo excited when you come in the room, if you have been out, or when I see you first thing in the morning. I shout “hello! Hello!” or “Look! Look! Look! Bella, Bella Bella”. I might also whistle a little tune or cry out just to show you how excited I am to see you! If you’re too quiet, I’ll check on you by asking “You alright?”

I am a very sociable bird, and that includes making some noise and calling out to you, but I am not a screechy bird. I used to live in a flat with my old owner so I’m really not that noisy.

It was quite difficult for me to get used to a wide range of food and a new environment but if you’re gentle and let me take my time I will reward you by showing you how brave I can be  and then share the joy and excitement I get from experiencing something new.



I am still quite wary of hands unless it’s on my own terms and I can’t be tempted to take treats from you, so I will need more training, once I feel safe with you to learn to step up on command. Although I don’t take treats, I respond very well to praise, especially if you sound really excited about it!



I was on pet shop mix which was not good for me so now I am on AS 30. I was very wary of anything new when I first arrived but now, I will try most things and I love my veg, especially if they are in chunks that I can hold and nibble. My favourite food is broccoli, and I have just started eating chop..



I have a lot of plastic toys which my old owner got me, but since I have been here, they have given me things I can chew and destroy. That is so much fun!! I haven’t quite got the hang of foraging yet, but I have tried so many things since I have been here, I’ll probably get the hang of it soon.  Most of all I enjoy being with people. My safe house says I am truly a companion bird! I am never happier than when I am with people I trust.



Bella is a very sociable, gentle bird. She has been in a room away from other birds because she was being harassed by a bird much smaller than her. However, she has coped well with other birds for limited periods of time and calls to them between rooms. She would probably settle with another gentle bird, given time.

Bella really LOVES company and would make someone a wonderful companion. She would really appreciate a home where there are people who have time to spend with her as she loves being involved in everything you do and will happily sit on your shoulder while you do your chores.


When in her cage she has shown no concern for small dogs in the room but has been known to call out when she sees a cat out of the window. She has also been in an all female safe house so we have not seen how she reacts to men or children.

Location: East Sussex

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