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Hi, i’m Bella

PP number: PP1152


Name: Bella


Species: CAG


Cage supplied: No


Adoption fee: £CITES




Hi I’m Bella, aka Bella Boo Bum to friends, and as you can see I am a gorgeous Congo African Grey who just loves the ladies.Sorry fellas, but you’re just not for me; you’re a bunch of smelly boys. I am celebrating my 15th birthday this year so I’m old
enough to know my own mind, and I just don’t like you. I’m going to tell you a bit about me here but you can catch more pics and even videos of my gorgeous self on the Problem Parrots Extra FB page, just search #Bella.



So, I didn’t have the best start in life so I don’t want to dwell on the first 5 years, other than to say I was so unhappy that I plucked all my chest feathers out. I was rescued by a lovely kind lady when I was 5 and have lived very happily with her for the last 10 years, with another CAG and a Lesser Sulphur Crested Cockatoo, Lordie, who you can also find on here. In the
last few months I’ve been very worried about my mum, as there were lots of changes to my routine and mum wasn’t around as much as I was used to, and I started to pluck again. I need lots of love and attention to be happy and grow my  feathers back. My mum felt that I needed to have a new mum, who would be able to be around all the time so that I would
be happy again. So here I am, just waiting for the right lady to be my new mum – could that be you?


Current Presentation:
As I already mentioned I really love the ladies, I step up beautifully for them and am not bothered if you want to mess with my cage whilst I’m in it, have a scrub, move things around or whatever. I would really rather not have any smelly boys around at all, if there are then I’m likely to look for ways to take a chunk out of them, I just don’t trust them at all. I also like
to chase their feet and bite them, it’s a great game, I know it isn’t very ladylike but I just can’t help it. Even though I really love my Safe House mum, if I’m sat on her arm and we come across a smelly boy I will bite her, sometimes quite hard, and shout ‘come on’ so that she knows there’s one nearby and we have to get away. You’d think that she’d appreciate the
warning but apparently not. I also don’t like small children poking fingers into my cage, but older children might be ok. Oh and I also don’t like other birds to land on my cage, I will try to bite their toes, so SH mum puts a cover along the top of my cage just so that I’m not tempted. Here in my Safe House there are quite a few different types of birds, I’m not interested in them at all and as long as they don’t fly towards me I’m ok. I’m a bit nervy about birds whizzing past my head, but I don’t chase after them or take any notice otherwise. There aren’t any other animals here, just us birds! Now when it comes to keeping myself clean I will tolerate a quick shower but SH mum says I’m a bit of a water dodger and says I have to have
regular showers to help with my feathers. I get up around 9.30 and go to bed around 8.30. We have staggered bedtimes here so that we can all have a cuddle and some quiet time before settling down and get some good chats in the morning when we wake up. I like my tickles, especially head scratches, which quite honestly I could manage all day if you have the
time. I am a good girl, my SH mum says. I like to have a bit of a nose around, and prefer to be out of my cage all day, but I’m not naughty like some of the others, and, although I can fly, I won’t fly around causing havoc everywhere. Sometimes, if I’m out in the aviary, I don’t want to come in and will go up high, but SH mum just brings a stick and I’m very good at stepping
onto it for her. I’ve even stepped onto a stick for a smelly boy, but he was lucky cos I was tired and did want to come in. I do love to sing and whistle and make the best ever phone noises, SH mum is forever picking her phone up and then looking at me with suspicion. I’m quite chatty as well once I’m used to you, I speak with several different voices and make everyone laugh when I pretend to be one of the Amazons. SH mum says she cannot tell who is talking as I can talk in the green one’s voice and copy the things she says. Everyone thinks that’s amazing, but it’s not, it’s easy but don’t tell them, I like being amazing.


I am really good at stepping up onto an arm or a stick, so I don’t really need any help with that. I can be placed right back in my cage but I don’t really like to step up inside my cage, I like to climb out first, then I’ll step up, no trouble. SH mum says I would probably like to go out on a harness, but we’re trying to get some of these feathers back on my chest first. Because I’m such a good girl SH mum says that I don’t really need an incentive to do things, I don’t know what that is but I do like walnuts in their shells and almonds, and I usually get one or the other when I’m extra special good.


So SH mum hasn’t really changed my diet as she says I was on a good diet anyway, she has just added some sprouted seeds, which although a bit soggy are quite nice. My seed mix is Tidymix, which I love, SH mum says I have a really good appetite. I just love fruit and veg, the more the better. I do have a few favourite things, which I’ll tell you about, but
basically I’ll have a go at most things. I like apples, banana, grapes, pineapple, pomegranate, pea pods, yum yum, broccoli, carrot and lots more. For an extra treat there’s a few things I really enjoy, like porridge made with almond milk, scrambled egg, sweet potato mash and wholemeal toast with a tiny, too tiny if you ask me, scrape of peanut butter. Now SH mum
says I should try these odd looking things called pellets cos it’s good to have a few a day. The ones called Roudybush I wouldn’t even look twice at if I’m honest but I found some others whilst I was exploring, they were obviously someone else’s so I had a try, and they were ok, so I have a few in my bowl now with my Tidymix, I think she said they were Kaytee.


My favourite things to have in my cage are boxes, balls and swings, I do love a good swing, but it needs to be somewhere I can grab hold of something to make the swing go faster. If you throw in a few wooden toys for me to swing around on and chew then I’m a pretty happy girl. I can also get rid of all your cardboard for you. I like a box or two in the bottom of my
cage cos you never know what you might find in there if you root around, sometimes there’s even an almond yum yum. So basically I like to tear and rip. If you ever have any Argos catalogues hanging around I can sort that out for you too, I like them on the top of my cage so I can chew them from inside. When I first came to my SH I started going outside in a cage,
and then I moved up into a small aviary, which I enjoyed very much. Now I’m ok being outside without SH mum I go in the bigger aviary with some of the other birds, not the scary one though, I don’t want to go out with scary birds. SH mum says I’m a bit of a moocher outside as I only fly if I have to, I like to sit and watch what’s happening in the garden, every now and then I’ll go to a different area so I can have a nose somewhere else. SH mum says if she can’t see me then she knows I’m stuffing my gob, that’s one of my favourite things to do, inside or out! We get green things, herbs and weeds I think they said, hanging from tree branches and perches and some of those are really tasty. If I’m left alone for a short time then I do like to have the TV on, or a radio playing. When I’m feeling all snugly I like to be sung to, my favourite song is Sing a Rainbow.


Bella has come from a very loving home and is a very sweet girl, who is very very loving, with no aggression at all, as long as she is with females. She appears to be afraid of males and will go out of her way to bite them. She really looks after her mum as she also bites me if she spots any males coming towards us, so I really feel that she’d be happiest in a female only
household. She’s a very easy bird, loves her tickles and loves to watch the world go by; she has a good vocabulary and picks up voices and phrases quite quickly. She does fly, but as she’s a little nervy it tends to be when other birds fly near her or if she sees a male. She pretty much ignores the other birds and is ok with them as long as they don’t fly towards her, it makes her panic. She has started to pluck again, and that’s partly the reason that she’s being rehomed, she wasn’t able to have the attention that she was used to, so ideally needs someone to be home all day. Other birds would be ok, as long as they’re not too boisterous. She has a great appetite, and it’s lovely to see a bird enjoy their fruit and veg so much, she
prefers it in larger chunks though and isn’t too keen on “chop”. She’s a very special girl and will make someone a wonderful companion.

Location:  Lancashire

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