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Hi, I’m Barney

PP number: PP891


Name: Barney


Species: Galah Cockatoo


Cage supplied: Yes


Adoption fee: £350





Hi I’m Barney I’m a galah cockatoo I’m 7 years old I’m almost 8 my birthday is the 28th march I have been dna sexed as a male I am quiet for a cockatoo although I do have moments I do like attention and need lots of it


Barney has a very hard and a very big history background. I came into the charity in April 2019 where I was very badly self-mutilating and under weight I really wasn’t in the best of health and needed a lot of vet treatment and care.
I was underweight by a lot and this needs to be kept an eye not as much as It did but will still need to be weighed at least 1 once a month as I’m known to drop in weight quite quickly.
Barney has always been a self mutilator to the point where he has to wear a collar at night and if no one is around as this is the main time he does it. Barney will sometimes go 3 to 4 without self-mulirating but then for no reason will start again and always seems to be in the same place just under his wing above the thigh…. Barney has also been known to chew his feet where we have had to bandage them.
Barney needs lots of wood and cardboard to keep him interested in other things than self mutilating.
Barney will need to be not too far from an avian vet due to his history and will need to be kept an eye on. He will need a very experienced person who will be confident in putting his collars on and off and giving treatment as and when needed this is must (as his safehouse I’m willing to help and advice where needed)


Current Presentation
Barney currently has no wounds and hasn’t self-mutilated in a little while due to having a routine going, with collars on at bedtime and off during the day. Barney has a great character and loves to dance. He does speak a few words with his favourite being tickle tickle he also says come on. Barney loves being wrapped in a towel and cuddles like a baby but you do have to be careful as he will give you sly nip if you’re not watching him. He will step up but this is mainly if he gets stuck or he’s really wanting to but more willing if you have a towel on your hand/arm then he is quite happy to step up. Barney is easy going will come out of the cage on his own but if he knows it’s Bath time he will fly away from you or hides in his cage thinking you can not get him, once he’s in the shower he really doesn’t mind it again this needs to be done two to three times a week due to the self mutilating. Barney isn’t cage aggressive in any way but you do have to be careful when doing his water bowl as he will try and nip your fingers if he’s in the cage or near to it. Barney will try and bathe in his water bowl with this. He will make lots of noise this is not because he’s stuck it’s more him saying he’s having his bath.
Barney doesn’t seem to be worried about other birds around him or landing on his cage. He’s not attacked any that are here in safe house although I’ve not personally let him out with the greys but he’s been out with my smaller bird.
He’s not worried about children being around and lives with 3 girls in the house and never bite them although I wouldn’t let them touch him without me being around knowing that he will nip when he feels like it and without warning too.
Barney lives in the safehouse with other pets around again. He really isn’t worried about these being around . When he’s safely in his cage.


Trying to encourage him to step up without a towel


Barney has a very mixed diet. He has a toast with either palm oil or coconut oil or he will occasionally have porridge in the morning. Barney has a chop mix till tea time then will have tidymix and Harrison mixed in he also has sprouting seeds and soaking seeds within his diet. Barney also has neophema mix too.
Barney can be picky with fruit, he does love his nuts (pecan, cashew nuts, Brazil nuts etc) but these are limited so he doesn’t gain too much weight as galahs are prone to this.
Barney loves cut up cardboard on rope.he also loves wooden blocks or pieces of wood that he can chew up although he seems to quite enjoy chewing up wooden perches the best. Barney loves ripping paper up also. I do love my bell. That’s my best toy ever. I will sleep under it and use it to eat food off it and rubs his head on it also.
Barney will need a mixed set of perches from rope to wooden and nail trimming but I have found that because he has a habit occasionally to chew his feet the nail trimming perches need to be vet wrapped and you will need a good supply of this as Barney does like to chew it off.


Barney is a really great bird, he generally is really quiet he will have his moments of making loads of noise but this is for a few seconds not long at all, if you ask him for tickles he will put his creste up for you and let you give him tickles but you do need to be careful as he’s sly. He does like sitting either on top of his cage or on the door perch.
Please remember as with any bird but as stated throughout that Barney will nip unexpectedly or when he’s had enough.
Barney would be happy in a busy environment where he has alot going to keep him hopefully distracted from self-mutilating although this is not guaranteed to help, it will help him if possible another galah/s are around.
Barney will need a confident person to deal with Barney needs,as these are long term and will not disappear and someone who’s around all day, you also need to take into account the cost of vet bills due to Barney’s history and other costs that may occur due to this.
Vet bill example for Barney if you do not catch his self-mutilation in time
You will need to pay for the consultation fee which is around £30 pound
He will then need painkillers and antibiotics to stop infection occurring. He will then need his collars left on until healed and possibly a recheck which can total to nearly nearly the 80 to 90 pound mark if not more.
If you think you’re the right home and have the funds to deal with Barney needs please apply now 🙂

 Location:  Norwich

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