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Hi, I’m Dude

PP number: PP1115


Name: Dude


Species: Orange Winged Amazon


Cage supplied: Needs a new one


Adoption fee: £150




Hi I’m Dude, an orange winged Amazon. I don’t know how old I am, but I’m very young at heart.


I was handed into the charity for unknown reasons, I do know I was very much loved and my old owners were sad to see me leave.


Current presentation
I am a fully feathered and flighted bird, I love to keep myself looking clean and pristine for the right family. I love to chatter away to myself or anyone who will listen to me. My safehouse mum thinks I’m a chatty little girl.


I don’t do step up yet but I’m learning. I do like sitting with the humans, usually on their feet as long as they’re not smelly. I will need lots of training to learn step up, it should be easy with my favourite treat of pistachio nuts.


I eat tidy mix and love a good rummage around in it for my favourite bits. I get lots of different fruit and veggies here, my favourite being peas, carrots, broccoli, apple and banana. I do have a habit of sipping all my food in my water first before I eat it so please change my water for fresh regularly. I also love eating any nuts, my favourite being pistachio nuts, I love them.


I love to be out of my cage getting up to mischief. I have lots of toys in my cage to play with when it’s bed time. I don’t go straight to sleep so I like to play with baby rattles and small foot toys to keep my feet working. I don’t fly very much but if I do it only from my cage to the top of the sofa.


Dude is a pleasant bird, she is happy to sit with either male or female, she has no preference. We don’t have a dog here so I don’t know what she’s like with them around her cage when she’s inside safely. She likes to perch on our feet when we are chilling out, and talks away to anyone who will listen. She goes to bed at 7pm but will happily play with her foot toys and a baby rattle until she’s ready to perch for sleeping.
She’s never bothered with the other birds here and has never made any attempts to attack them, she’s quite happy chilling with them all being out of the cages.
All in all Dude is a pleasant bird, she can be a bit noisy but nothing over the top. She will suit a family who will give her the attention she craves and will, in return, make a great family pet.


Location: South Wales 

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