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Hi, I’m Barney

PP number: PP1047


Name: Barney


Species: Congo African Grey


Cage supplied: Yes


Adoption fee: CITES




Hi, my name is Barney i’m a 16 year old female African Grey. I’ve been in my safehouse about a month now, I do like it here and I like my safehouse mum. I am more of a ladies bird and love tickles and scratches from my safehouse mum on my
terms and you have to learn my mood but generally im happy for a tickle or two. I love to bop away on my safehouse mums arm. My dad well hes allowed to bribe me with a bit of dried banana or a small bit of toast but I wont let him tickle me yet but he does keep trying. I am a little chatter box and my favourite words are go barney go barney, I have telephone conversations with my self and my favourite is imitating a dogs squeaky toy. I’m a very funny girl when I get going. I love my time out of the cage and out time is very important to me so I don’t get bored. In my last home I had problems picking new feathers on my tail and making them bleed but in my safe house this has hardly happened and my mum says she thinks this is a behavioural issue and this is why I need lots of time out so I don’t get bored.


I was in my previous home for much of my life and had to leave due to change in circumstances and through no fault of my own.

Current Presentation:

Barney is doing really well here and has fitted in perfectly with all the other birds, she was wary to start with but has really found her feet, we have a little dog and his presence does not bother Barney. He’s not met any little people yet so cant comment on what he would make to them.


My mum has been teaching me to step up and I prefer to step onto a covered arm, something mum has been working on is my hormones as I can get quite hormonal around the lady of the house and try and feed her hand, mum has discouraged this so this sort of behaviour needs watching.


I love my food and I currently eat tidymix, chop, soaking beans, i’m not that fussed with nuts but I do like a bit of dried banana and I love my fresh veg and fruit especially sugar snap peas. I like apple and grape and partial bit of toast once in a while.


I have lots of toys in my cage and my swing is my favourite, I sleep on my swing and when i’m ready for bed I get on my swing and tell my mum na na night.


I’m a very happy girl and love interaction and lots of out of cage time, I need a confident female handler in case I have any issues with my tail feathers, I’m a fully feathered beautiful grey that would bring a lovely lady so much joy. I’m OK with men but as yet they cant touch me.


Location: Norfolk 

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