Barney galah cockatoo

In April 2019 We were asked to help with an emergency self mutilator, the welfare officer got to the owners house at just gone midnight the same day.

So we travelled back with him from near Cambridge which is almost hour and half from us and was very worried that he wasnt going to make the journey home the next morning we rushed him to the vets were he stayed over night he was 218g, this was under weight and severely mutilated under 1 side of his wing the vets cleaned his wound up and him gave him meds and recovery formula to help build his weight back up.

We brought him home the next day with his cone of shame on but he was looking cleaner than he did we had to weigh him every day at the exact time to make sure he wasnt losing weight and was gaining it upon giving him 4 daily meds every day up to 3 times a day as well as the recovery formula a few weeks had past and we came to another hurdle where he managed to attack his feet so back to the vets we went were we was given a bigger collar so he couldn’t really reach his feet either we had to banged his feet to make sure that they were not going to get infected etc which was very interesting to say at the least after a week and half it finally healed we began to remove his collars we went 5 days without the collars on before he started to attack himself again.

Which then it was back to the vets again were we giving more meds so we had to wait for the wounds to heal again so had to put the collar back on to let it heal and to stop him from making it worse.
A couple of weeks went past and he rehealed we then tried to retake the collar off again but this time we have done it were he only has them on at night time this is when we have found he self mutilates.

Barney is now at a health weight of just over 300g but this still needs to be watched but not as often as we had to when he first came to us.

Barney loves anything that he can chew from wooden perches to paper.

We are here to help so please if u need advice help or anything else please please contact problem parrots we will help and advise we’re we can