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Hi, i am Bailey

PP number: PP1329


Name: Bailey


Species: Timenh african grey


Adoption fee: £300



I will need a specially adapted cage.



Bailey is approximately 8 years old. He is very timid and easily scared. He is slowly coming out of his shell and will now allow head tickles.


Bailey came from a home where his owner became ill so they decided it would be best for him to come into the Charity. Bailey was very unwell when he came into the Charity and spent 5 days in the vet hospital.

Current Presentation:

Bailey has severe Arthritis so is on medication for life for this in the form of Metacam. Bailey is also on a Calcium medication as his Calcium levels were dangerously low when coming into the Charity. Whoever adopts Bailey will need to ensure they can provide medication as stated above for his lifetime.

Bailey is very timid and can get easily scared. He will not step up but he will allow head tickles.

Bailey can fly but he spends all of his time in or on top of his cage.

Bailey is a happy boy, he loves whistling and has a good old dance.



Training with Bailey is ongoing to get him more used to being handled by way of head tickles. Bailey is also having ongoing training to encourage step up but he hasn’t managed it so far.



Bailey is fed on AS30 and fresh fruit and vegetables. Bailey is very good at trying new things but will chuck in if he doesn’t fancy it. He can be messy with his food and mixes seeds in with his veg bowl to make a ‘soup’.


Bailey loves cardboard toys and he loves playing with a ball that he rolls around.



Bailey is a gorgeous bird who is very slowly coming out of his shell. He will need alot of attention and someone who understands that he is not like other birds. He has severe arthritis and low Calcium levels so will need medication for life. Bailey will also need a specially adapted cage as he does struggle to walk / climb but his movements have increased hugely since coming into safehouse.



Location: Bristol

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