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Hi, we are Baby & Silver

PP number: PP755 & PP756


Names: Baby & Silver


Species: Quaker


Cage supplied: Yes


Adoption fee: £150


Description: Hello, our names are Baby & Silver , we are 2 adorable Quaker parrots. We are bonded & love each other very much, we do have an occasional squabble but make up quickly. We have been with our safe house mum since before Christmas & she says we are a pleasure to care for.


We settled here very easily and get along fine with her African greys ( As long as they don’t land on our cage because we will chase them off). We are quite cage territorial but not as bad as we were, safe house mum thinks with time this will keep improving, we also like protecting our food bowls so you will have to out smart us to get bowls in and out of our cage or you could just do it while we are out shoulder surfing or watching tv ( this is how sh mum does it).


When we are out of our cage we are so friendly, we love socialising with everyone male female & little people ( always supervised). We are not too fussed on hands but will step up on your arm. We love a good shoulder surf , sitting on top of the tv & falling asleep together snuggled into your cheek or neck. We don’t speak any words but we do make the cutest guinea pig sounds when we are excited ( feeding time ). Also we make cute duck sounds , a cute sneezy sound and if your lucky we might blow you a kiss.


We are not fussy eaters, we will try anything but our favourites are carrots, sugar snaps, sweetcorn , raspberries , dark green leafy cabbage & baked sweet potato. We currently eat Johnstone & Jeffs no peanut & sunflower seed. If you think you could offer us a forever home please apply for us, we have so much love to share , love Baby & Silver x


Location: Durham

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