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Hi, I’m Jasper

PP number: PP1033


Names: Jasper (JIBBA JABBA) this is his nickname and he loves it


Species: CAG


Cage supplied: No (will need a flat top cage as this is where he spends his time relaxing)


Adoption fee: Cites





Jasper is 14 years old, he was extremely poorly when he came to the charity but with the support of problem parrots has made a full recovery.
Jasper is the funniest African grey I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting, this boy may at first seem timid but believe me he has a wicked sense of humour and will laugh at you for tripping up or being a numpty. jasper loves to bop and dance is is a massive Queen fan (safehouse mum loves this also) his favourite is another one bites the dust. Jasper prefers Men and falls in love very fast so we have worked on the love heart droopy wings by giving him time to calm down. Jasper also loves his daily spray shower.
As Jaspers safehouse mum I have done all his cleaning, feeding etc and Jasper doesn’t mind, he loves his men but is happy with a female to look after him, he has had a few nips however they are not hard and this has reduced by just keeping an eye on his beak and earning his trust. He does see women and children as play mates, he makes the jibba jabba noise hanging upside down at you then laughs and also makes a pew pew pew sound with you like an arcade game ( I told you he was awesome)
Safehouse dad has worked wonders with Jasper. Jasper has learnt to 1. To come out almost instantly and confidently 2.step up! he can be reluctant to get off his cage but once off he is easy. He enjoys exploring the couch and coffee table and his favourite game is knocking on anything and everything and you knocking back then a good laugh about it. After all that play he enjoys just chilling on safehouse dads knee or on the arm of the sofa next to him.
Jasper does not like to be touched, the odd beak rub is acceptable but not head scratches, he would much rather you sing and dance with him play the knocking game.
Jasper wakes up at and 7am goes to bed around 9/9.30 . Jasper enjoys the tv on with kids tv programs and a nap in the day when the kids are at school and its quiet. Jasper sleeps uncovered and is good as gold at bed time.
Jasper is housed with children 10 and 13 both female so no direct contact but loves playing with them.
Safehouse has large dog and 2 small parrots which Jasper shows no interest in them whatsoever.




Jasper eats AS30, he has been very stubborn about eating anything else however safe house mum doesn’t give up and is now eating chop. He has this in the late afternoon, he won’t eat a lot but it’s a first step GO JASPER!




For fun I enjoy my toys but other than that humans mean play time, music, (Queen ACDC) dancing, knocking, OR YOU falling over for his entertainment (not a joke) ha-ha.




Jasper needs a man in his life that has a good taste in music a good sense of humour and lots of love to give, Jasper has been through so much and deserves the best home with a man that gives jasper freedom, a clean environment and lots of love! He is ok for a few hours while I work however he deserves all the attention when you get in. so have you got room for this little rocker in your life?


Location: Wiltshire

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