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Hi, I’m Baby

PP number: PP591


Name: Baby


Species: Citron Crested Cockatoo


Cage supplied: No


Adoption fee: CITES





Hello ladies! I’m Baby, I’m a citron created cockatoo. I’m a very beautiful boy. I’m around 11yrs old.

I have come back into PP after being adopted through no fault of my own.

Current presentation
I’ve done a little plucking on my neck and a little on my feet, my previous owner said i do this when i’m hormonal, but then i grow them back. I have all my flight feathers and do not pluck them. My crest is a Bright orange/yellow colour and I love showing it off.

I am a really good boy , i step up perfectly every time. I love tickles and strokes , my SH mum calls me a snuggle bum because I’d happily sit on her chest and have tickles. Mum has been helping me to play independently . Now I like to play with boxes and foot toys. I’m not too keen on SH Dad I like to ignore him he isn’t as fun. I will come out and play on my cage when mum is out and then I will go back in straight away when SH Dad asks me to but I don’t like him to touch me, i can nip him, if he touches me. because i’m a Ladies man ! I like all the ladies ! I’m looking for a confident Lady to call my own. I don’t mind if there man who lives there and children, but i need a lady as main carer.


I’m eating JOHNSTON AND JEFF lean and fit. SH mum has been trying to get me to eat some veggies but I’m not really keen, I will try a nibble of most things if you hold them for me.


Boxes! Give me lots of boxes to play with, I love to chew them and find goodies hidden inside them , oh and wooden toys hanging in my cage i like to play with them too.

Baby is a very handsome boy, He’s very funny he likes to play and strut his stuff, my SH mum says i’m very quiet for a Cockatoo , i have the odd shout if you leave me for long periods of time, but other than that i’m a quiet boy !

I love to snuggle and would let you stroke me all day, This is not what SH mum wants for me she has been teaching me to play on my own with my toys , I say lots of things like ‘HELLO BABY ‘ ‘BABY ”BYE BYE ( and i wave bye bye ).I laugh and woof like a dog .
I’m a little nervous of other birds and will fly away from them , even though i’m the biggest.
Do you have space in your heart and home for little me?

 Location:  St Helens

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