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Hi, I’m Baby

PP number: PP1382


Name: Baby



Congo African Grey


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I would like a new one please



Well where do I start my name is baby I’m a African grey I’m 31 years young I will be 32 this year but unsure of the month so I’m getting on in life now, I have a lot of character now keep reading to know more about me and keep checking for updates on me on problem parrots extra on Facebook!.



I came into the charity due to now fault of my own I have been with my original owner since I was hatched until just recently I came into problem parrots, sadly I’m quite plucked although sometimes I do let my beautiful feathers come back but as soon as I’m left to long then I snip them again. I have had problems with respiratory infections but I’m currently been nebuliser. I’m such as cheeky chap that loves to have people around. I have been known to have a preference to men and not been keen on females but were I  am now it seems the other way around.


Current Presentation:

Where I am in current safe house were my current main career is female and I seem to love that I haven’t bite her in fact I quite love her and she seems to limit too much interaction with me as such if not I try to feed her and make love noises to her. I’m out of my cage quite a lot and love people been round when I’m left to long I pluck my feathers so I do need someone around as much as possible to help me with this. I will step up but that’s once I’ve flown around the room first or got stuck will step up on to your arm once I’ve done that, in my safe house there is smallish children and I don’t seem to be bothered by them and happy for them to give me treats through the bars of my cage and them helping feed me etc. There is also 4 legged friends here I don’t mind them as long as I’m safe in my cage first.
I go to bed round half past 7/8pm then I get woken up around the same time in the morning the weekends I do have longer to sleep up. I don’t get covered for bed so safe house cannot comment on what I’m like to be covered for bed.
I’m not cage aggressive and haven’t bitten anyone while I’ve been in safe house. I do like to be nosey around where I’m I haven’t been destructive but I do like to chew on boxes and wooden toys, I’m not loud but I have very big vocabulary and some of it is swear words so do bear this in mind. I am fairly tame and do like to have a head scratch but this is on my terms I don’t like this when I’m in the cage but will accept it when I’m out of the cage or when I’m sitting with you.
Sometime I can be a little hard to go back into my cage but most of the time I will take myself back a happy chap with a great character.



I haven’t really done any training as baby steps up for me in safe house but will need time and patience.



My diet is fresh veg and little fruit as the main part of my diet needs to be veg than fruit I also have sprouting and soaking seeds and seem to like these.
Then tea I have Johnson and Jeff lean and fit or sometimes I have tidy mix I also have Tropicana pellets mixed in with this to give me a variety.
I am pretty good with my food and do tend eat what’s given to me.



I don’t play with many toys but do seem to love the wooden toys and cardboard blocks on string that I can chew I do love chewing the newspaper up to. I do need to be kept busy due to the feather plucking the more I’m distracted it helps me leave my feathers. I do like to have music or the tv on.



Baby needs a home where they are around a lot and having attention (this needs to be balanced due to hormone) as this seems to have helped with her feather plucking; she’s been with a male carer but came to a female carer safe house and doesn’t seem to be worried she will need UV lighting to help with her feathers and also a nebuliser. Someone who can give baby time and patience, Baby will keep you laughing with his ways; he is a joy to have.


Location:  norwich

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