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Hi, I’m Baby,

PP number: PP1240


Names: Baby


Species: CAG


Adoption fee: £300





Baby is a young baby African Grey who came to Problem Parrots at the end of November 2020 It was found in a pub garden. We don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl so we just named it Baby.



Baby is a found bird. There is not a lot of history to tell as I’m only young. As m SH dad said above I was found in a pub garden cold, frightened, and hungry. My safehouse dad got me after a lot of persuasion as the finder wanted to keep me, but he was told that the charity could probably find the owners. I would be well cared for with a proper cage and diet, and the company of other birds, in the end he agreed to let me go.

Since being found my SH dad has put posters up in local vets, pet shops, and shops but no one has come to claim me. I’ve also been put on numerous lost & found web sites.


Current Presentation:

I share my SH with 2 other birds, another African Grey ( Poppy ) a Senegal ( Harry ), and 2 dogs. I’m let out my cage first thing in the morning with Poppy and taken to the kitchen where I’ve learned to have my morning pooh we both get a cashew as a reward. Once my safe house dad has done the cages and prepared our breakfasts  we are taken back to our cages to eat. Then it’s the dogs time for breakfast in the kitchen.

I don’t mind the other 2 birds but they don’t get on together so I can only be out with one or the other. Harry doesn’t like SH dad and attacks him. I also don’t mind the dogs as I only see them in the evening as they sleep all day in the kitchen.

I can’t fly as my wings have been clipped but that doesn’t stop me from trying but ( like a lead balloon), they will grow back eventually then watch me go. I’m quite happy sitting on my cage whistling, pruning, and watching the telly.

I get sprayed every day with tepid boiled water, and twice a week with a little pure Aloe Vera mixture, must admit I didn’t like it at first but I’ve got used to it now and it’s not worth trying to get away as he always gets me with it.

I get covered up a 19.30 and uncovered at 07.00 then I’m out after my breakfast.

I used to get night time cuddles from dad but only get them now and again now as I started to over bond with him, and wouldn’t go to anyone else so now I let everyone hold me, but I do prefer men. I haven’t met any small children only teenagers I like head tickles from them.



I have started to do my morning poo on newspaper in the kitchen ( but don’t forget my cashew ). I can now step up on command ( you don’t have to give me a cashew for that ). I have been shown a harness and so far had my head through it but don’t like my wings touched I don’t bite I will just grip your finger and make a clucking sound. I will get used to it eventually and think I will love to go for walks. I love sitting on your shoulder and night time cuddles. I am trying to talk and can now wolf whistle.



I now have a daily diet of chopped vegetables a little fruit plus some sprouted seed for breakfast. Tidymix seed in the afternoons. My reward seed preference is a cashew



I have lots of toys in and on top of my cage and love swinging from the ropes. I love wooden toys and love to chew them. I’ve got a foraging ball and love trying to get the rewards. My SH mum makes me cardboard toys but they don’t last long. I have my other feathered friends to keep me company during the day and love exploring their cages.



Baby really needs someone who can give a lot of attention and a home where it can be out most of the day. Baby is such a sweet gentle bird and has a lot of love to give. Baby will play by itself but loves to be with you whether sitting with you especially on you shoulder. Baby is only young so teaching things to it won’t be a problem. Whoever gives Baby a forever home will have a companion for life.



Location: London

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