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Hi, we are Baby & Bacon

PP number: PP1104 PP1105


Names: Baby & Bacon


Species: Budgies


Cage supplied: Yes


Adoption fee:  £0




Hello Baby and Bacon!!



My previous owner had to separate us from the indoor aviary birds as we had scaly mite. We like fresh fruit and veg as well as boiled eggs.  Our age and any information on our history or health is unknown.


Current Presentation:

My safe house family has kept us together in the same cage as we were still being treated for the scaly mite.  Our safe house mum still sprays us but it’s more to make sure we are healthy and happy. We love being on our own away from the aviary.  We don’t like hands.



No training has been given and since arriving at our safe house our safe house family have been more concerned with our health.



We eat budgie seed mix with fresh fruit and veggies.



We have hanging toys, mirror and a swing in our cage but most of all we love our swing.



Baby and Bacon arrived after having injections and spray treatment for scaly mites.  We have carried on with the treatment even though it has cleared.  Baby and Bacon are chirpy little souls and will chirp back at you when you go for a chat.  We think the great dislike for hands in the cage is due to the spray treatment so every time you put your hands in they think they are getting sprayed.


Location: South Wales

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