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Hi, I’m Baby

PP number: PP1406


Name: Baby


Species: Congo African Grey


Adoption fee: CITES


Cage supplied: Yes



Hello, let me introduce myself. I’m Baby, a Congo African Grey parrot. We are unsure of my age or when my hatchday is, but I am believed to be in my teens.



I came into the charity through no fault of my own. Sadly, my previous carer became very ill and could no longer look after me, so took the decision to hand me in to Problem Parrots where i will continued  to be loved.


Current Presentation:

I have plucked many of the feathers on my chest and neck, but my chest has been improving and many of my feathers have been growing back since being in my safehouse.



I will need ongoing training to learn to step up. I will step up onto a perch, but this does take some time and needs to be worked on so that I can learn to do it on command. I can also be stubborn about going back into my cage, so I will also need help with this. Currently, the easiest way to get me back into my cage is to have me step up on a stick and be moved in slowly. This takes some time, however, and ongoing training and lots of patience are required.



I enjoy a diet of fresh fruit and vegetables in the morning and a good quality seed mix in the evening.



I love playing with my toys, especially anything I can chew like paper and cardboard. I particularly enjoy shredding newspaper. I love destroying toys, but I haven’t been destructive with anything I’m not supposed to be! I’m not very loud for my species, but I do love to have a chat and make noises. I will accept head/beak scratches but these are on my terms. I like a spray shower and do occasionally try to bathe in my water bowl.



Baby will need an experienced carer who can help him to become more confident and to develop his abilities. In the right home, he has the potential to flourish and learn to be a wonderful companion. He seems to have a preference towards women, and has been known to give warning bites to men. He doesn’t seem to mind the other birds in the safehouse, and enjoys singing with them and isn’t frightened of them, although they currently have separate times out of their cages. With the right love, care, attention, and training, Baby has so much potential and so much to offer. If you could offer him the loving home he needs, please consider applying below.


Location: Norwich

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