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Hi, we are Ava, Moon and Arcus

PP number: PP1411, 1396 and 1397


Name: Ava, Moon and Arcus



Budgie and cockatiels



Adoption fee: tbc




Problem Parrots is proud to introduce Ava, Moon and Arcus, who are all ready to find their new forever home!

Moon and Arcus are the most loveable cockatiels you have ever seen. They love to be with people, enjoy head tickles and eat treats out of your hand. They share a cage and also freely fly around and enjoy sitting on your shoulder or head!

Ava is a beautiful and cheeky young budgie who came to the charity a few weeks after Moon and Arcus and was welcomed in the same room of the PP safe house.

The time has come to find them all a new special home, so please read what their safe house mum has written about them below and no doubt you will want to become their new forever loving mum/dad.



Moon and Arcus came to the charity without any fault of their own. They were very much loved and were also very spoiled with loads of attention, toys and excellent food. Due to change in circumstances their previous owner however had to make the difficult decision to contact Problem Parrots charity as he could no longer give them the time and attention that they need.

When arriving in our safe house at PP Ava had a budgie partner called Ernie. Very sadly, unbeknown to the previous owner and PP, it turned out that Ernie was very ill and probably had been for quite a long time prior to arrival at our safe house. Ernie is now no longer with us in this world. Ava was tested for this contagious disease and was luckily negative.

However, due to Ava’s close exposure to the very ill Ernie and being caged in the same room as Moon and Arcus, Ava should either remain as an only bird in her new home or be rehoused together with Moon and Arcus.

Similarly for Moon and Arcus, due to their exposure having been in the same room as Ernie and Ava, they will need to be rehomed either together with Ava or they will need to find a home with no other birds.

Current Presentation: 


Moon is the gorgeous female white/albino and will soon be 4 years. Arcus has the most beautiful pale grey feathers and will soon be 3 years. He is believed to be male. They both have been together since Arcus joined the family and need to remain together.

They like their heads tickled and will step up on your hand/finger although sometimes this needs a little persuasion. After they get to know you they come and fly onto your shoulder asking for a tickle 🙂

They equally like to be with the safe house mum and dad. Both Moon and Arcus are not familiar with dogs, although they are safely in their cage they are quite frightened when a dog is around their cage. They are currently in a separate room where dogs do not have access to. So any future adopter needs to be very aware of this. They have been introduced to other birds and seem to be quite relaxed with them.

During the night they used to be covered up, but there have been a few occasions of night fright, so we stopped covering them up and just leave the curtains and the door slightly open, so there is always a tiny

little bit of light which has helped and no night frights have occurred since. However when the nights get shorter a cover may need to be re-introduced.

Ava is a sweet and lovely budgie that has a lot of energy and loves singing her “budgie songs”. She is very tiny and has beautiful blue and white feathers, just like a little angel. But don’t let that angelic appearance fool you as she is very smart and is busy like a little bee.

When spending time in her cage she happily sits on her swing having a snooze or rips up the paper at the bottom of her cage. When out of her cage she spends most of the the time on top of her cage after a fly around to investigate the surroundings.

Ava has not been introduced to children and she has not seen any dogs in the safe house, though I don’t think this will be any issue as long as the introduction goes slowly and gradually.



Both Moon and Arcus need to continue with stepping up, Moon is sometimes a little more hesitant but they  both love sunflower seeds which is a great help!

I am convinced that they can be harness trained.

Ava does not step up and is currently afraid of hands, but will very easily step up on a stick. When its time to go back to her cage, she easily lets you taxi on her stick back into her cage.

I’m convinced that with time and patience she will learn to step up unto a hand.


Moon and Arcus have Tidymix Budgie as their seed food and also get some scrambled egg and daily fresh vegetables/fruit and a sprout mix, which they adore. They also have millet which they happily attack when on the top of their cage. As a treat they get a sunflower seed. They are very food oriented especially Moon who always has her head in her food cup and is regularly seen with sprouting seeds all over her little beak.

Ava loves her budgie mix seeds and gets her portion of chop of fruit, veg and sprouts every day. She seems to prefer the sprouts though, I often wonder if this is for playing with rather than eat! Her very favourite is a millet spray!




Moon and Arcus love their toys – especially the pine/soft wooden ones and will happily chew away. They like to be out of their cages and enjoy playing with toys either inside or outside of their cage. At the moment they mostly just sit on top of their cage but in future a small play stand may be beneficial.

If not busy checking every corner and part of her cage, Ava will happily sit on her swing or climb up and down her ladder. Beware that she is a little escape artist, trying to escape via her feeder doors, so these must be secured if she has to remain in her cage 🙂


Moon and Arcus are 2 most beautiful cockatiels and will keep you entertained all day with their lovely whistles. They have a sweet and loveable personality and have been an absolute joy to safe house.

They are very much looking forward to be in their new forever home soon where there are no other birds or together with Ava.

Ava is a lovely little budgie who is looking for her new special home either together with Moon and Arcus, or where there are no other birds. With patience, Ava can be further trained to step up as she is still quite young.

If you can give Ava and/or Moon and Arcus the home they so much deserve,  please push the apply button now!




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