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Hi, I’m Arlo

PP number: PP1322


Name: Arlo


Species: Galah Cockatoo


Adoption fee: £300





My name is Arlo and I am a 2 year old Galah Cockatoo, Arlo can be a nervous boy to begin with but given time you will see his sweet and cheeky personality will come through.



I came from a very loving home and was very spoilt but due to change in circumstances I am now looking for my forever home.


Current Presentation:

Arlo’s favorite person is his safe house dad but given time and when he settles he will let the other humans handle him as well he enjoys spending the day out of his cage and  he is a very good flyer considering he flies like a heavy chicken.

Arlo is covered at night and settles easy he is not loud for a cockatoo but does have the occasional our burst he also loves to shout “boo” and “what you doing” in the most sweetest voice!’ Arlo loves being sprayed. I am currently being safe housed in a mixed bird home he is easily scared by other birds especially when they fly but he isn’t aggressive towards them and sometimes can be curious at first most things scare Arlo until he’s had time to get used to them so I wouldn’t dismiss Arlo being housed with another bird for company.



The possibilities are endless with Arlo given time and patience this would definitely help build his trust and confidence. Arlo will step up and is easy to put back in his cage he is always offering his foot to be picked up he does have a thing for ears so I would take caution if he manages to find his way onto your shoulder as he will have a nibble I’ve yet to try a harness on him but again with some training he may allow it in time.



Arlo is on a seed called Neophema along with his chop, fruit and nuts a Galah’s diet is quiet specific so more advice will be given prior to him going to his new home, he is quiet a messy eater and throws quiet a lot so he does have a specific screw in bowl or he will throw it all.


Now Arlo as settled a little more he is now playing with his toys he loves chewing wooden blocks loves foot toys and newspaper to shred up so little items to forage and throw about along with a box will make him happy.



Arlo is a is a lovely young bird who enjoys spending his days out of his cage he likes to have a fly about and land on the top of the doors he likes spending time with his safe house dad playing peek a boo and does enjoy having a head tickle. When Arlo has settled and had time to come out of his shell like he is starting to with us now you will see his funny loving cheeky side he has so much to learn and will enjoy his new experiences and with him being so young there is so much potential for this beautiful boy.


Location:  West Midlands

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