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Hi, I’m Ari

PP number: PP1296


Name: Ari


Species: Conure


Adoption fee: £125





Ari is a 3 year old Conure who has been in safehouse 3 weeks now. Ari does need quite abit of work as he can be very nippy at times. We are working on stepping up which he has done quite a few times now.



Ari came into the Charity because he was living with a family with teenage children and he took a disliking to one of the teenagers and would scream constantly when she was around and sometimes fly to try and bite her.


Current Presentation:

Ari is currently in safehouse with 5 other birds. He does not like the bigger birds but he is in a separate room with a lovebird and whilst he is quite domineering he is not as vocal. Ari could do with being around another conure possibly. Ari is in a borrowed cage so whoever adopts him will need to purchase a cage for him. Ari does fly to us when it suits him and sometimes will just sit on us, he seems to like Nan more, but he can be very nippy. When he does that we put him on his cage and leave the room. Ari goes to bed from 8pm and is uncovered at 8am, although we hear him chirping from 6.30am.



Ari is working on stepping up and can do this although it does take alot of encouragement. He needs alot of work as is not a fan of hands and will not currently allow tickles.



Ari is on a seed diet (conure mix) and AS30. Ari also has his fruit and veg. He loves apple, grapes, carrots, will eat a bit of cucumber..have tried him on peppers and butternut squash although he doesn’t seem keen on these.



Ari is out of his cage from waking up to bed time. He enjoys people in the room talking to him but prefers them sat down and then will come over. There is multiple hanging items in the bird room including rope and hoops which Ari has tried out but only seems to like them if the Lovebird is on them.



Ari is a nice little bird but needs someone who has perseverance and time to train him. He is not untrainable, in the short time he has been in safehouse he has started to learn to step up, this training will need to be ongoing. Ari can be very nippy so it is advisable to be only around adults, no children. Ari would benefit from being around another small bird, preferably another Conure. With the right training Ari has the potential to be a lovely bird but it is going to take someone who is not scared of a few bites.


 Location:  Bristol

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