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Hi, I’m Ari

PP number: PP1296


Name: Ari


Species: Conure


Adoption fee: £125





Ari is a 3 year old Pineapple Conure who is a lovely little character. He can be slightly nippy at times but nowhere near as bad as when he came into safehouse.



Ari has lived in 1 home since leaving the breeders. He started turning aggressive to one of the older children which ultimately led to him coming into the charity. He used to be handled by the breeder with large gloves so is not a fan of hands at all.


Current Presentation:

Ari is in safehouse with other birds although in separate rooms as the other birds are alot bigger than him. Ari has been with a lovebird who got on quite well with initially. He lives with 2 ladies and is getting better and not wanting to take chunks out of us anymore. He can be a tad nippy at times but he is put back on his cage when he does this. Ari will step up on occasion so we are working on him stepping up more.



Ari needs continuous training to encourage stepping up, he will do it but not all of the time. He also needs someone who knows how to handle a nippy bird, he is not aggressive just abit nippy at times.



Ari is on a Conure seed mix and has fresh fruit and veg. His favourites are apple, pomegranate seed and carrot.



Ari is not really into toys, he would much rather have human attention. Ari loves having a bath when he has fresh water so usually has a minimum 1 bath per day.



Ari is a very trainable, lovely character. He will need ongoing training for stepping up and to discourage the occasional nipping. Ari loves sitting on our shoulders or head.


 Location:  Bristol

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