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Hi, I’m Archie

PP number: PP1291


Name: Archie



congo african grey


Adoption fee:

£ cites


Yes but bottom tray slightly faulty



Archie is a beautiful boy who loves to say hello to anybody passing him, he is still in the progress of trusting people but when hes out he loves to sit on his ring we will fly over and sit on your shoulder. Archie doesn’t like any other species of birds but seems to not mind other greys as he as good friend in his sh home. he does like to laugh at you when your talking. Archie needs to be out all day he doesn’t like being in  the cage. also Archie is in a large cage and likes to have a quarter of it with blanket as he likes to settle in the dark corner patch but his cage ideally needs to be by a window so he gets enough light.



Archie came back into the charity with no fault of his own he is a gorgeous boy and will need time to trust you. So far he has sat on male and females shoulder but does not seem to want to go near children. He is ok with other greys but not other species.

Current Presentation:

Archie will step up on a perch if you hold it for him as he steps up he says hello in a old mans voice hes such a good boy. he loves to shred cardboard and also loves his rope swing. so far he lets sh mommy stroke his head when he sits on the sofa with her. He does not like to be tickled whilst hes in his cage as he will try to nip you as its his territory.


Archie as now gained sh mom and dads trust he loves to be out the cage all day and will go back in when he is fed up so I leave the cage door open for him. at the moment he is not to keen on been showered with a bottle but step by step I am encouraging him.



AS30 fruit and veg. chop.
he loves his fruit.



Archie loves his rope swing which is in the window so he can be nosey he also loves to shred cardboard.



Archie would be a good companion with a family with no children as he is more calm when there not around. he is such a good boy will go back in with perch provided he talks in a old mans voice but his favorite word is HELLO can you give this gorgeous boy a permanent home? then please click adopt me



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