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Hi, I’m Angel

PP number: PP1034


Name: Angel


Species: White Capped Pionus


Adoption fee: Price on application





Hi I’m Angel and I’m a white capped pionus. I’m a beautiful girl and just want a lady owner who I can give all my love to.


My old owner unfortunately passed away and her daughter couldn’t look after me so decided the best thing was to hand me into the charity to find me a new home.


Current presentation
I’m a very pretty girl, I have all my feathers and can fly all over.


I’m learning step up with my safehouse Dad, but it’s hard because I like the ladies more. I will step up for the woman here but this man keeps pushing me so I give him an evil look eith a little nip.


They give me tidy mix here and I dive in happily eating it all up. I have started eating fresh fruit and veggies but it’s a slow journey with them, pesky broccoli.


I love sitting next to my little mirror chatting to the other bird there but they never answer me back. I do enjoy some rolled ups paper to shred although it takes me a long time as my beak is a slightly funny shape. (It doesn’t stop me eating though) I’m not bothered about foraging for treats but I may learn in the future.


Angel is a quiet bird, a very happy, pretty girl. She was cage territorial at first but she’s learning to trust us with our hands in the cage. She will happily come out of her cage and sit on my arm or half way up my shoulder and just travel around the house like that. She’s very inquisitive and wants to see what you’re doing.
She’s not a noisy bird, she doesn’t mind the dog walking past her cage when she’s inside and she doesn’t mind my 2yr old son playing round her cage.
Angel prefers women to men but will step up for me when my wife isn’t around. She will give a little nip if she doesn’t want to do it but then gives in eventually.
She can get a little bit anxious when there’s too many people in the house and will hide in the corner of her cage.
Angel will make a lovely family bird, she’s quiet and gentle. With the right family she will flourish.

 Location:  Durham

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