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Hi, I’m Alvin.

PP number: PP1249


Name: Alvin


Species: Blue Fronted Amazon


Adoption fee: £300





Hi, I’m Alvin and I’m a 21 year old, handsome, fully feathered Blue Fronted Amazon.



I’m believed to be 21 years old. I’m told I’m a bit of a handful but I’m still learning that people can be nice to me. You’ll be able to learn more about me on the Problem Parrots Extra Facebook page if you search #Alvin.



I came into the charity because the young lady who rescued me from a very bad situation realised that she couldn’t give me what I needed. I only lived with her for a few weeks and I did give her a bite. My life hasn’t been the best so far so I’m not sure how to behave around people, although I am learning.


Current Presentation:

I’m a very beautiful Amazon, some might say quite stunning. I have all my lovely feathers, but I don’t fly, I spend a lot of time on top of my cage watching the world go by. I am very cage territorial, so will try to bite you if you go near my home. I am told I am very loud, but I am an Amazon and that’s just how we communicate with our people, ha ha and I really do like to have the last word. I really prefer the ladies, I’m not too keen on men at all, although nobody has told one of the men here, who still comes over every morning to uncover my cage and say hello.  I don’t mind dogs at all, and children are ok as long as they don’t come over and bother me.  I’m really still a bit unsure of people, but I’m warming to my safe house mum. She’s let me settle in and get used to the fact that I’m safe here, and she leaves her arm lying around for me to step on. I’ve been practising for a while, just putting a toe on, but finally I’ve stepped up on her arm. I do not like sticks at all, so SH mum is training me to step up onto her arm.  I am a brave boy. I will let her give me a tickle but then I panic and can bite. I will take food off anyone but again if I panic I can lunge to bite, so I can be a bit unpredictable. I’m still learning that hands are not scary, but for now I am still lunging to bite them. I have been covered from 9pm till 7am but SH mum is trying covering me for 12 hours, 7pm – 7am to see if that helps, we big boys need our sleep you know. I don’t mind being sprayed but I do prefer to have a good old splash in my water bowl. SH mum has given me a bigger bowl so that I can get more of me wet at once.



I am learning to step up. It’s small steps for now as I’m still getting used to people being nice to me.



I have Johnson and Jeff’s **** seed mix. I love fruit, especially apples, but won’t touch oranges or grapes. I’m a good boy and eat my veggies too, I love cauliflower, broccoli, carrots and peppers and will eat other veg.



Of all my toys I love my bell the most. I am just starting to learn to forage for my favourite foods, it will keep me busy and then maybe SH mum will be able to do what she wants with my cage cos I’ll be busy elsewhere. If I’m left alone I like to have the TV left on for company.



Alvin is a work in progress. He’s still learning to trust people so is still quite unpredictable. He will need a confident handler and his main carer should be female. He does tolerate males, will take food from them, before he bites, but otherwise is happier with female company. Now that he’s settled in work has begun on getting him to step up on command, this training will need to be continued. He’s a very chatty boy, can be very loud at times. He’s already improved a lot over the last few weeks so hopefully this will continue.


Location:  Leeds

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