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Hi, I’m Alfie

PP number: PP934


Name: Alfie


Species: Senegal


Cage supplied: Yes but needs a new one


Adoption fee: £100


Description:  Alfie is a lovely Senegal who adores his head tickles. He will step up but he is a little wobbly due to a couple of his toes missing on each foot this doesn’t stop him perching or getting around his cage. I will recommend a couple of flat perches to him though.


He is a quiet bird and does say “what ya doing” and a few whistles but he melts your heart when he does the kiss sound. Alfie hasn’t shown any preference to male or female but I would say he leans towards the men more.


He is happy with other birds around him and shown no aggression but I would suggest smaller birds than the bigger ones due to his size.


I have 2 dogs and again he has shown no fear when they walk pass his cage.


He loves his fruit, veg, soak beans and eating Tidy mix parakeet seed with some extra nuts & seeds. He likes a little millet too.


I haven’t seen him play with toys but this maybe because he didn’t have any really when he came in to the charity in a small budgie cage.  So I would be so happy if someone brought him a lovely cage and lovely perches, toys for him as he deserves the best.


The only thing he does is occasionally nips you when you ask him to step up this may be because his confidence in balancing on his feet it not the best, but I am sure in time & trust this would faze out as he is a loving bird.


Alfie would fit into any life style as long as he gets his cuddles.


Apply today if you can open your heart to Alfie.


Location: Burntwood

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