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Hi, I’m Alfie

PP number: PP1362


Name: Alfie


Species: senigal


Adoption fee: £225



I will need a new one please


Hi, my name is Alfie. My safehouse mum says I’m a right character and I’ve definitely come out of my shell.
I’m fun, love whistling Felix the Cat and lots of different ringtone and doorbells. I say tickle tickle under my breath. My
safehouse mum says I make her laugh. I love being out of my cage most of the time and I’m a good boy when it’s time to go
back in. I’m not bothered about the little people in my safehouse as long as they don’t go near my safehouse mummy.


Current Presentation

I step up. I don’t come with a cage, the one I am in is just loaned. I look after my feathers, do not
pluck. I like showing off my beautiful wings.



I step up when safehouse mum says up. Safehouse mum had taught me to dance and I love it.



I love music if my safehouse mum dances and claps her hands I will flap my wings and move up and down the
perch doing the Alfie dance. I love all my toys especially my wooden ones as I can bite them into little pieces. Safehouse
mum asks me what I’ve done and I laugh. I like to be covered at night time and I go in my cage at 9pm, if any earlier i am loud and make myself known.



I am fed on AS30. I love apples, green beans but not too keen on much else. I will give anything a try and do try to steal
food off my safehouse family although never successful.



I have the most funny character definitely one of a kid. I like my own space, although I’ll let u tickle me in my cage. I only
like to be tickled when I’m out when I put my head down, otherwise I don’t want to be touched and I will just do my own
thing. I was in the living room but it got a bit to much for me with the little people and the noise so I’m now in the dining
room where I like to look out of the window at the birds outside and fish in the pond. I’m much happier and safehouse
mum says I’ve changed in the past week since I was moved into the dining room. I think I would be OK as an only bird as I love all of the attention being on me. I love having a bath in my water bowl but do not like to be sprayed.

My safehouse mummy is home a lot and only leaves me for 3-4 hours maximum when she goes shopping. I love it when she
comes home and I get so excited so would benefit from someone who is home a lot of the time.





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