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Hi, I’m Albi

PP number: PP1133


Name: Albi


Species: Blue Fronted Amazon


Cage supplied: Yes


Adoption fee: £150



My name is Albi and I am a 24 year old Blue Fronted Amazon. I have been in my safehouse for about a month now and have settled in nicely. This is a busy house with children, a teenager and other pets and I like them all. I especially like their dog and get very excited when I see him. At first I was shy but I got to know the people looking after me and I’m brave enough to say a few words now. I’ll say hello and bye bye, I like to laugh and have a dance. I am a fun bird and love to have a nice head scratch through the bars of the cage. If I like you I ask if you’re alright (in a janner accent of course)

I love to be out of the cage. Especially as it’s in the kitchen as I love food! My safehouse mum doesn’t prepare food when I’m out as I think it’s for me! I will quite happily sit on top of my cage all day and play with toys ☺


Well looked after by previous owners but couldn’t give him the time or attention they felt he needed.

Current Presentation:

In my previous home I preferred my dad over my mum, in my safehouse I prefer my mum over everyone else although I won’t allow anyone to touch me out of my cage. I have been known to trick family members when I’m out of cage and pretend to want a tickle but have nipped instead.


We are slowly working towards being able to trust hands outside my cage . I like my space but with time and trust I may decided I’ll let you.


Currently being converted to as30 I’m getting there now . Still not keen on veg but they keep trying.


Likes to spend lots of time out of his cage. Has plenty of toys to play with and enjoys smaller toys like blocks and Lego. He has a parrot foot toy which he enjoys. Will also happily chew up cardboard.


Albi is difficult to summarise as he doesn’t seem to have a preference. He seems to like his own space and will happily spend time out of his cage. He doesn’t really fly, he’s made a couple attempts to fly but has ended up in the floor then will walk back to his cage. He’s been a pleasure to safe house and a lot of fun. He’s a sweet bird but would need a confident owner. Over time I feel if he could settle in a nice home with someone who could spend lots of time with him he would be a great companion.


 Location:  Plymouth

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