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Hi, I am Abby

PP number:   



Name: Abby


Species: African grey


Adoption fee: 




yes large cage


Abby is a happy, healthy African Grey. Abby talks with a quiet soft Scottish accent. Abby happily steps up (for food), loves to sit on your shoulder and enjoys a head tickle. Abby doesn’t scream or feather pluck. Abby is very gentle and will take food from your hand. Abby will give you a warning if she doesn’t want to be handled.

Abby seems to prefer women but will go to men too.



 Abby was with her previous family for all of her life, which we think is just over 20years. The family loved her dearly but had personal issues so the family decided the best thing for Abby was a new home so that she could feel safe and have freedom of movement.


Current Presentation:

Abby is a fully feathered, gentle girl. she can fly very well and enjoys a lap of the room.



Abby would thrive in a home using reward based training. Her training is all there, she just needs time and confidence built up



Diet: Abby was on an all seed diet in her previous home. Abby is now on chop and a healthy mix of veggies, sprouting seeds and pellets made into birdy bread. Abby is keen to try most foods and has been easy to convert to a healthy diet.



Abby has been cage bound for over 8 years before coming to us. Abby is out of her cage all day now, and spends time watching, walking around the floor and sitting on the sofa enjoying head tickles. Abby loves enrichment toys, opening up boxes of raisins (with only a few raisins in the box) and chatting away.



Abby is an easy bird to fall in love with. Abby gives a warning if she doesn’t want to be touched and will engage on her terms. Considering her cage bound time, she seems happy and confident. Abby would need someone that is able to keep her out of her cage for long periods during the day. Abby is happy in her cage but it’s only fair she has choice after such a long time in confinement. Abby likes both men and women and will step up for both. She’s a quiet bird that would be a fabulous friend and companion to most dog free homes.


Location: Somerset

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