Name: Ollie

Species: Australian King Parrot

Reference number: PP123


Ollie - ollie is one of the quietest most unassuming birds I've ever had the pleasure of caring for. Content to sit on her cage or on the sofa she is very chilled.
She does enjoy a scritch but is more content to just sit with you.
She enjoys strawberries and if you put a few on a plate near you, then she moves at the speed of light.
If Ollie doesn't want to do something she can be quite stubborn, she will tell you, she does nibble and she will find the two highest places to go back and forth from to avoid you, being 5ft 3 this makes life difficult.
She eats AS seed mix, I've tried her on tropican pellets too and she enjoys them, she loves her fruit and veggies and is a really wonderful lovely bird.

Location: Norfolk

The adoption fee is: £100

Age : 

Comes with cage : Yes

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