Name: Buddy

Species: Blue fronted amazon

Reference number: PP

Description: Hello my name is Buddy, I'm a Blue fronted amazon I enjoy my food especially my dried banana not to keen on my vegetables but will eat some fruit I am very noisy whilst around other birds but happy and content when i am on my own I like to come out of the cage and play and will also take food from your hand. I have adjusted to male and female whilst been in my safe house.I enjoy been spoiled. When I am tiered i will put myself to bed all I need is for you to do is cover me up and you will not hear me for the night.I enjoy my showers but I am still very shy but in time i will gain your trust and I will become your forever loving friend, I have now learnt new sounds and they do not scare me anymore.


Location: Bedford

The adoption fee is: £150

Age : 

Comes with cage : Yes

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