Sky, Sowyer, Topper



Name: Sky, Sowyer, Topper

Species: Black headed Caique, Yelloe Capped Caique, Lovebird

Reference number: PP530, PP531, PP532


3 amigos - sky - black headed caique - most confident of the 3, will push his beak into your hand and fingers for a rub, won't step up in cage but once gets to know you, will step up outside of cage. Much happier flying and pottering about exploring and causing trouble. Eats tidy mix, AS no sunflower/no peanut mix. And fruit and veggies. Has occasional tiffs with the yellow head. In time with patience, this beautiful looking bird can become a real companion as loves to receive scritches.
Sowyer- yellow capped caique - at first I thought hand shy, a beautiful well looked after bird, over time, sowyer has accepted head and cheek tickles and though shy is slowly becoming more confident. Pushing his/her cheeks up when I whistle and chattering back, usually pairing up with topper the lovebird, these two when out are never far apart. Topper is shy, and does not step up, but will follow sowyer so will go in and out as cage as sowyer does. Topper also preens sowyer.
Sowyer over the week or so that he has been with us has become more confident at being handled by us, but I do think any new home would need to take slow steps as I think it is more that we are new people than anything else.
All 3 birds eat a diet of tidy mix, AS and fruit and veg. Love a nice spray and love to be out and about exploring, flying and generally being chatty cheeky little chickens.                        
 Also not bothered by children and happy with both men and women.

Location: Norfolk

The adoption fee is: £200

Age : 1 yrs

Comes with cage : Yes

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