Name: Casper

Species: Medium Sulphur Cockatoo

Reference number: PP


Hi I’m Casper a 21 year old medium sulphur crested cockatoo, I am a friendly chap and enjoy spending my days outside of my cage I like to keep to myself with regards to other birds but I’m not aggressive so if one does fly onto my cage or in my direction I just fly out of there way even though I don’t socialise as such I do like the company of other birds.
I am very fond of my safe house mom and I do like to spend time having cuddles and head scratches for a little while I like to follow her everywhere so wherever she goes I go as well I do a lot of flying around the house my safe house mom is trying to get me to stay on my cage or play stand but I’m having non of it she says that she’s persistent and will keep trying but I have other ideas!
My SH mom has not found a toy that I like at present if I am given any new ones it scares me a little so she as been hanging them outside my cage so I can get used to them, I do however like food items that I can find so she has to make sure that everything I’m not allowed is put away as I will soon have my beak in them.
I came with kaytee food which I am currently on but I have been trying some tidymix along with a couple of Harrison pellets I tend to throw a lot of my food out so it’s a little hard to tell what is my favourite at the moment. I like my chop and will at least try everything I’m given she feeds me all kinds of fresh vegetables and fruit that I’m allowed and my favourite nuts are walnuts.
I do have my loud moments but my SH mom says they are nothing compared to the others! I have my usual time when I’m more vocal for a few minutes when it’s my bed time if I’m not in bed before 8pm then I’m sure to tell her I like being covered up at the evening and and she just pulls the blanket back and keeps the back half of my cage covered and I like that as well.

Location: West midlands 

The adoption fee is: £200

Age : 21

Comes with cage : Yes

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