Name: Harriet

Species: blue fronted amazon 

Reference number:PP

Description: This is Harriet, she is a 40+ year old blue fronted amazon. She didnt have a great start to life, unsocialised and had a very poor diet. Due to eating pet shop seed and having unhealthy human foods Harriet has to have meds administered twice a day for life. Since being with her safehouse mums she has shown great signs of improvement. She has a variety of different perches and introduced toys that keep her well exercised. But most of her time she spends out of her cage exploring. She is now on a diet of fresh veg and pellet which will help her to have a better quality of life. She is such a little sweetheart, just wants lots of love and affection which she truly deserves. Not having enough interaction with humans, harriet can be a bit lungy but the more time you spend with her the more confident she becomes. She will need a home where there is someone about most of the time. Harriet has stepped up once since being with us but can sometimes be a bit nippy, just likes to do things at her own pace. She doesnt really have a preference just wants a home where she will get many years of love and happiness.

Harriets medication will be covered by problem parrots 

 Age 40 plus

Location: Essex

The adoption fee is: £150

Comes with cage : Yes

You must be a Problem Parrots Supporter to adopt

If you feel you could offer a home please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.