Name: Sonny

Species: Yellow crowned Amazon

Reference number:PP533

Description: Sonny - hand shy, so will bite if you put your hand in his cage or ask him to step up. But actually he just wants to join in. Loves to be out of his cage, currently sits on the playstand of the one he is borrowing and accepts head tickles, saying tickle tickle. This bird needs a patience home. He is not fazed by my children, but I always think if you train your children well, you've no problem in most cases, I can see over time this boy will be a lovely family companion. Bear in mind at the moment if you push, he does bite. He has his noisy moments, when he wants out, I quite enjoy watching his excitement and playing, I think there is something beautiful about seeing a bird wanting to join in. He is not too keen on his chop and veggies at the minute, but he still gets breakfast and tea, (I remove his tidymix/AS seed/pellets at this time to encourage him), he will need a cage. He is fine with both myself and Stu, and my two eldest kidlets (youngest is a baby and it's a bit like throwing him to the lions). Work with this boy and you are going to have an amazing companion. He is gorgeous, inquisitive, intelligent and funny.

Location: Norfolk

The adoption fee is: £150

Age : 

Comes with cage : Yes

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