Name: Baby

Species: Lesser Sulphur Cockatoo

Reference No: PP


I’m a very affectionate bird and love to be cuddled. I’ll even lift my wing up and snuggle into your chest. Although I’ve never been with other birds before I’ve made friends with the other feathered friends in my SH, we even talk to each other across the room however I’m still a bit unsure when they fly.

I can be a bit noisy at times but what cockatoo cant! Plus I have to keep up with the other birds in my SH.

I’m currently in a home with 3 other birds and two teenagers.I am definitely a woman’s bird therefore I would prefer a female carer as I’m not too keen on men (sorry men) but I’m not aggressive towards them, just prefer to stay away. When I’m alone I tend to shout as I like to have someone with me at all times but when you come back in I will stop. I know i should not do this but with your help i will settle and learn! I also say “hello baby” and “babye” but I’m sure I could learn more.


I’m currently on a Harrison’s diet however I’m not too keen on my fruit and veg - I prefer to throw it back at my safehouse Mam but my favourite treat is dried bananas. Over the past few weeks I have been learning how to step up and i am now doing this at times, I haven’t mastered it quite yet but I’m sure I will with your love and attention


If you think you could be my perfect forever home please get in touch.



The adoption fee is: £0 - Cities 

Age : 9 years old 

Comes with cage: No

 You must be a Problem Parrots Supporter to adopt

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