Name: Geoff

Species: Lesser sulphur cockatoo

Reference No: PP572

Description: Hello everyone my name is Geoff and I'm a very affectionate too BUT only with the ladies (sorry chaps). I have had a few homes already this year because of my aggression to males so it is serious I don't want to keep being moved around but I have been very loved and am not shy in returning that love to you. I am great with my food am not really that fussy tbh although I haven't taken to pellets yet. I love a shower and have a good old shake after. I love cardboard boxes, paper and things to destroy, you will need to keep me busy and entertained, don't let me get bored. I will shout if you leave the room or have food or if I want your attention. I can be quite clingy when I'm out,  I love a cuddle but my sh mum just sticks to my head cause she thinks I will very easily over bond. I need boundaries and routine, I can nip I full on bitten and my nipping really isn't that bad but it's something you need to be aware of. I just love spending time with you, if you adore toos you will adore me so pls get in touch and give me my forever home.

Location:  Tregar

The adoption fee is: £0

Age : 

Comes with cage Yes but not the best so will need a new one soon

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