Charlie and Alfie

  Charlie and Alfie


Name: Charlie and Alfie

Species: Goffins and Ducorps

Reference No: PP90, PP420


Hello all we are Charlie and Alfie we are both cockatoos, We must stay together as we are best friends and would be lost without each other . Me Alfie I'm very shy and don't really let anyone touch me not yet anyway. I will come over to you in my own time you will have to let me trust you
I am now sitting on my safe house females lap but only when I want to , I will take food from her hand and I never bite . I am very nosey and love to wonder around the house to see what everyone's doing so my trust is building I don't really play with toys but love the sounds they make , I will try most foods I love millet and could eat that all day long I do have a missing toe nail but no problems with this . Hello I'm Charlie I have a lot to say about myself I love to talk and shout most off the day but also love my sleep , I love toys that I can play with all day long that I can throw around and you pick up , I can be a picky eater but will try most foods , I not always the friendliest of birds I do sometimes bite and lunge out but with work I'm hoping this will stop . I don't like anyone putting there hands inside my cage as it's my home but when my safehouse mum needs to clean my cage she lets me go inside Alfie's cage so I'm happy then . I will let you hold my foot when I'm in my cage and stroke my head but I will take time to trust you but our safe house mum says if you can give me and Alfie the time , lots of patience and lots of love we will both come around to love and trust you . Chairs loves to dance and sing , if you sign to him he will sing along with you and gets very excited I believe both boys with time will be happy and you will see the lovely side of both off them that we see . They love to be out together everyday on top off there cages and will sit and play and preen each other all day long they are also now eating Zupreem food from Scarlett's parrots they love mung beans, mustard seeds lots off fruit apple , orange , blue berry , raspberry and lots more .
Location: Suffolk

The adoption fee is: £200

Age : 

Comes with cage : Yes x 2

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