Sammy is now in the process of being adopted 

Name: Sammy

Species: Timneh Grey

Reference No: PP513

Description: Hi everyone my name is Sammy, I am a Timneh African Grey and have been with my Problem Parrots Safehouse for a few weeks now. I can be an affectionate little chap if I decide I like you, I prefer my safehouse female at the moment. I'm ok around older children, although I'm not a very sociable grey, I like to stick with the one human I decide I like.
I have plucked some of my feathers, so I need a home that can offer me lots of one on one time and you never know, I may leave my feathers alone.
I'm not a big fan of stepping up, and I don't have any nails on either feet. My safehouse mum thinks this may be affecting my balance slightly. I like all types of nuts; almond, pistachio and cashew. I eat all fruit and veg my safehouse gives and I am eating tidy-mix seed mix at the moment. I love nutri-berries, these are my favourite treat. I will work with you on commands for these treats.
I love destroying toys and anything I can get my beak in, my safehouse gives me lots of toys, and homemade things to destroy, foraging and destroying toys are great as these keep me occupied.
I don't come with a cage or toys, and so I will need a new cage and varied perches to help with my grip (I don't have any nails) and don't forget... lots of toys.
That's all I can think of for now. But if you think you can offer me the caring, loving and understanding home where I can be given plenty of one on one, preferably female please.


Location: Wednesbury

The adoption fee is: £0 Cites

Age :  

Comes with cage? NO

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