Alani and Kaipo



Name: Alani and Kaipo

Species: Love birds

Reference No: PP


We are two very active lovebirds. Although not quite hand tame, and a bit nervous inside of the cage, we still like to be spoken to and know what you're getting up to. We will watch your every move and come to the front of the cage to see you, please come and say hi to us! Outside of the cage however we become more confident and enjoy having a fly, seeing what's about and landing on you when we think you're not looking! Kaipo(?)(The yellow one) is the most confident with this while Alani(?)(the green one) watches and follows behind. It's possible that with time and patience we could learn to be more relaxed around our adoptive parents, we're already quite liking this lady, just still not sure about those hands coming towards us! Food is a great way to earn our trust.
Currently we are eating seed with offerings of fruit and veg daily, bird greens, and vitamin drops in our water. Sometimes we will eat some of the fruit but mostly we don't bother. We still like to have options though.
We are mostly quiet throughout the day but when we do start to talk we are can be quite loud and enthusiastic! Especially if there is music playing that we want to sing along with! It's always good to be the loudest thing in the room!
Unfortunately we were left abandoned at a pet store so we can't tell you our history or our age. Since being found we have been housed by a nice man at the pet store, picked up by the charity and taken to vets and had health checks before being placed in a foster home. Although we like meeting new people it would be really nice now to find a forever home where we don't have to move again. It can be quite tiring and stressful.
I have to confess, I don't know which one is Alani and which one is Kaipo! But I tell them that and apologise and mostly get around it by just saying things like "oh, look who it is!" And not actually acknowledging I do t know who it is! ⯑⯑⯑
Location: Midlands

The adoption fee is: £50

Age : 

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